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Bookmarklets for iPhone Safari

February 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Bookmarklets are Javascript tools that help in saving online webpages for easy access. Bookmarklets for iPhone Safari can be added. Check here:

Bookmarks form a majorly crucial part in a browser, mostly because they help a terrific deal in searching. They help to search for keywords or web pages faster than usual and help store valuable or veritable information. Most browsers have the bookmark option that helps users to simplify their search on the internet. Not only do bookmarks help in simplifying the search, they also espouse easily saving online content on your browser.

The iPhone Safari comes with enhanced options that serve the purpose of easily saving bookmarks and enhancing dedicated search over the internet. The most recent development is the provision of bookmarklets. These bookmarklets are Javascript tools that help in saving online webpages for easy access.  The bookmarklets come with many other options. For instance, with the help of bookmarklets, you can share a video on popular social networking sites like Facebook or twitter with ease. You can also integrate bookmarks with Google reader, Digg blog posts and much more.

Adding bookmarklets is starkly different in mobile devices or tablet devices as against the desktop. The procedure adopted in a desktop is quite a snap. In a desktop, you’d just have to drag a webpage to the toolbar of your browser. But in a mobile device such as the iPhone or a tablet device like the iPad, the procedure is different. Some people who use the Safari on their desktop sync their bookmark along with all other bookmarks to the browser on their phone or tablet. This procedure is strenuous, especially after knowing there is a much easier approach to it.

iPhone Safari

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It is a fact that adding multiple bookmarklets to your phone or tablet PC could be quite a pain. This is only the case with multiple bookmarklets as against adding single bookmarklet, which is an easier process.

The internet is home to bookmarklets that help in easy sharing and access. There are several bookmarklet codes that are available to make sharing of information easier than ever. There is available a code for each of the sharing options that a user might want to use. In order to, activate a particular code that corresponds to a particular option, copying the javascript code and pasting it on the phone or tablet’s bookmark page would see you through. There are codes available for actions like Share on Facebook, Share on Tumblr, Clip to Evernote, Digg This, Translate to English, Site info, Reddit, Validate HTML and much more. If you haven’t explored these bookmarklets, its about time you do so. They make things exponentially easier.

Adding Bookmarklets to Safari

Coming to the process of adding bookmarklets on a mobile browser such as Safari, here are the steps you’d have to follow:

a. Creating a new bookmark

This forms the first step. In order to create a new bookmark, you can open the bookmark page and click on ‘+’ symbol. The procedure is same in all Apple devices.

b. Copying the Javascript code

Once you choose the option you want to perform, relevant to that option, select the code and past the code on the added bookmark.

c. Turning a bookmark into a Bookmarklet

In order to this, you have to edit the bookmarklet. The URL that holds the address of the bookmark has to be deleted and replaced with the javascript code. Once this is done, you can rename the bookmarklet.

The procedure has to be repeated for each new bookmarklet that you wish to add.

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