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Booming of the electronics recycling industry in the United States

May 20th, 2013 · No Comments

In this tutorial we will discuss about the booming of the electronics recycling industry in the United States.

Over a period of time, a number of researches and reports have concluded that the US electronics recycling market has strengthened substantially and grown enormously during the past decade. According to some surveys conducted during the recent past by IDC for ISRI depicts that the Industry is increasing at a rapid rate. Some of the highlights which have come into focus from the reports are –During the year 2002; this industry has contributed around $5.2 million in the US Economy growth. It has employed somewhere around 30,000 employees who are working for them full time, thirdly they have collected and handled the processing pattern for around 3.5 million tons of the end-of-life and used electronics products.

According to David Daoud, IDC’s Director of research it has come to focus that “around 3.5 million tons of electronic goods were recycled by the recycling industry in the year 2010 at US. For which around 30,000 workers were employed.”

As the figures keep on incrementing at a remarkable rate, US is advancing at a considerably high speed towards achieving the so called “recycling-friendly” nation’s tag This advancement in the recycling industry has created opportunities galore and a substantial fraction of the population has been already benefitted out of this. With countless on cards. They are adopting the standards of the industry for getting candidates employed according to the skillsets and requirements.

Although studies have identified that US is the largest country using bulk electronic goods, but surely they are only recycling 26% of the overall consumption. The gap of the chain of the waste shows that the need of the hour is to train the people regarding the benefit of recycling electronics item, rather than throwing them in the land fill. As dumping the landfills is only going to harm people. According to Wiener, “one has to really initiate and help the people in gaining the knowledge with respect to the recycling features and facts. As providing information to people is one of the challenging processes.

Studies have pointed out that there are around 10% of products which could be resold as they are in working conditions and are functioning properly. Most of them get dumped or replaced due to the growing demands of the consumers and the ever-thirst of laying hands on the “latest”. Whereas only around 18% are resold for the purpose of further repair and getting them in working condition. Educating consumers on the electronics recycling process is quite necessary due to which they are well aware of the items which need to be sent into the recycling box rather than putting in the landfill.

US has definitely made some remarkable improvements in recycling electronic goods which has also resulted in the booming of the recycling industry but there is always  room for improvement in large economies. And US is no exception to this.

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