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Manage Your Time Perfectly With Various Android Time & Calendar Softwares!

November 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Android Apps are extensively used and provide quality performance to users. Here in this article we some of the best calender apps for Android.


Android Apps are extensively used and provide quality performance to users. They are highly beneficial and easy to use.

Although, all the apps have different relevance and they are used for varied purposes, but some apps are used by almost every user and thus, such apps are higher in demand besides other apps. In such apps, calendar and time management apps for android are those apps famous throughout the world.

A calendar or time management softwares work like a secretary that follows you throughout the day and night and organize all your routine in proper way. With such apps, you can make your daily to do list and thus, can better perform your duties. There are many Android softwares for calendar and time management and now we are going to discuss these apps from the core.


In today’s Android marketplace, Astrid is known as the best time management tool. Astrid is packed with so many beneficial features which are generally demanded by users and the best thing about this app is that it is available for free.

For managing or scheduling any project big or small, this software can help you. In this software, you will get support for tags, priorities, random reminders, notes and so on. Indeed, this software is must for every single individual as it will enhance your schedule and manage your time as you never thought for.


This app provides simple interface which is purely user friendly and quite intuitive. Though it does not have a long list of features, still whatever features it has are just amazing and highly useful. Therefore, if you like to have a software with necessary features only and do not want a complicated menu with so many latest features, then certainly Locale is only solution for you.


This App is brilliant for awareness of location. For automating various tasks on your device or using GPS, magnetometer, sensors or accelerometer, this app has no match.

For learning the benefits and practical aspect of this app here is an instance that it is amazing as when you enter in your office, it turns your mobile on silent mode, When you come home it opens favorite websites of users, while passing through any groceries it sounds an alarm again and thus it has several benefits such as these. Therefore, have these benefits and organize your life with Tasker but do remember, it drains your cell battery very fast. So, keep this fact also in mind.

Action Complete Software

It is based on GTD planner and can be used easily. Using the easy interface of this software, users can start immediately taking benefits of this app for managing their to-do list and planning schedule. It gives amazing integrated support with friendly and big touch buttons and big menus. For all who feel Astrid difficult software, definitely Action complete is your software.

Go Documents App

It is truly the best Android office mobile suite and supports various formats of file and helps users to see and edit their documents on smartphones. For all who are used to  work on documents, they would certainly love this app.

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