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Top Cell Phones with HD Video Support

October 7th, 2012 · No Comments

HD 1080p video recording is the latest craze for cell phones.Let us look at some of the best cell phones with HD video support.

At first, using your mobile as a camera was an added feature. Mobile photography has picked up the pace as smartphones began to come packaged with powerful sensors and efficient image processors. While it was Nokia, who began it all and now the Android world has taken up the mantle. Later on handhelds began to be seen as a video cam too.

First, it was the high definition 720p video recording but now moving on HD 1080p video recording is the latest craze. The larger resolution; however, demands you have a larger internal memory, but as internal smartphone memories have been expanded over time and SD cards are a common sight, it is not a significant issue. Let us look at some of the best mobile phones that support HD video recording.

Apple iPhone 4S

The Good: The 8MP camera is packed with an integrated image processor, a backlit CMOS sensor, and a hybrid IR filter. 1080p HD video recording at 30fps is also thrown into the plate with exceptional video stabilization. Nice feature and low light performance and there is accomplished app support over. In other fronts, performance and user friendliness is top of the class.

The Bad: It does not have all the new, cool features. Apple puts in new features Android smartphones added much earlier.

Verdict: There is nothing to complain about its HD video recording. Moreover, with Siri, you will not complain little less control.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Good: It is both a tablet and a phone and has a large 5.3-inch display. With a 1.4 GHz processor, performance is catchy it can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. It has refined 8MP camera with easy autofocus, superb image quality, and colors.

The Bad: Exposure does not auto-adjust for bright light sources. In addition, the large screen may be too much for some people.

Verdict: This is the biggest smartphone or the smallest tablet to have as our top performers.

 Motorola Razr

The Good: It is razor thin at just 7.1mm thick and sports a sleek look. Battery Performance is terrific too. The 8MP camera has 1080p video recording capabilities.

The Bad: The camera is a disappointment as autofocus is slow, there is a striking shutter lag, and indoor shooting is not fair too.

Verdict: Thinnest phone around a video camera is OK but not so impressive. Overall performance is anyway darned amusing.

HTC Droid Incredible 2

The Good: This is something a bit old but old is gold, as they say. It has a lovely 8MP camera with autofocus and dual LED flash, and video recording, at 720p HD, is possible at 30fps. With remarkably little image noise, excellent low light performance and precise exposure, the color balance is excellent too.

The Bad: The Froyo Android platform may not appeal many of you, and apps may not be extremely much to your liking. In addition, you do not have 1080p video recording.

Verdict: With impressive camera, battery life and screen it might still hold your gaze.

LG Optimus 3D

The Good: The 3D capabilities are the incentives here you can convert images and videos to 3D. You can play 2D games in 3D too. 3D video recording at 720p at 3MP and normal videos at 1080p is possible.

The Bad: Camera is a bit noisy and 3D video resolution is limited to 3MP. Performance is slow although the Android Froyo phone receives a Gingerbread upgrade.

Verdict: It has a veritable 3D camera although it presents some inherent difficulties of 3D image technologies.

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