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Choosing a case for your phone

August 21st, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will discuss about choosing a case for your phone. Here’s the complete discussion:

Almost every individual can be seen carrying an expensive smartphone today. So it only makes sense for the end users to choose a compact case for all-round protection of the Smartphone. And given the current market scenario, there is a plethora of choice for the end users when it comes to choosing a case for the phone. There are large varieties of Cases which are hitting the market every second; however it’s really not an easy task to select appropriate case according to your device. There are many factors which influence the selection of the case.

There are wide ranges of cases available in the market. Cases which are available in the market are aluminium, soft-fitted cases, pouches and snap-on. All types of cases do consider around six elements when selection of the cases comes to and they are convenience, fitting, safety, cost, longevity and finally style statement.


are preferred by those people’s who are willing to pack their mobiles in their belts. It is commonly available with long lasting belt clips which get attached to your midsection seamlessly. The pouches flaunt heavy-duty belt clips and are quite sturdy. It does focus on the protection of the phone when it remains inside the pouch membrane but one thing which concerns over here is that it is exposed to danger or damage when it is removed or taken out. In case you don’t have to take out your mobile phone for each call you make or e-mail you check, then this is your perfect companion. Most often pouches are quite expensive as they are made up of cowhide leather, neoprene, vinyl etc. which makes them durable and long lasting. Almost all pouches are compatible with large number of phones and can accommodate a range of handsets in it. When it comes to design and fashion statement they are built in different colour, sizes and shapes and flaunt some of the new age graphic art or animal skin prints (leopard, giraffe, zebra etc.Occasionaly pouches are even custom designed by the designers  and are pimped up to attract trendy end users.

Hard-plastic or Snap-on:

The cases available in this pattern are quite convenient as they offer you with appropriate fitment and in most of the cases you are able to access the phone all time without any problem. Usually it is constructed in two parts in which one part is at lower end and other covers the top portion of the mobile. With appropriate fitment these snap-ons provide accessibility to almost all ports like charging, volume rocker, camera etc. Most of them are quite cheap and could be purchased by spending few dimes. They are constructed with light weight plastic which offers another layer or membrane to the phone and almost becomes like a backbone of your phone.

Aluminium cases:

They are the heavy duty, heavy weight cases featuring a sturdy aluminium base with a enhanced shell membrane design. Since these sport a heavy outer shell, they are characteristically heavy and it becomes a pain to keep the phone in trouser pockets owing to its added weight. However they are tough and built to last .Its hard plastic cover protects the LCD touch screens effortlessly. Some high end cases these days are water proof and allow the end users to enjoy their phones for a longer period of time.  Aluminium cases are not known to be real fashion elements but they serve the end users’ purposes in ways more than one.

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