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Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity

August 25th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will discuss about collecting old mobile phones for charity. Here’s the complete discussion:

There would be hardly a single living person who is not aware of the device that is now a part of human life cycle that is mobile phones and there use, but less may be aware on the recycle part. Buying mobile phones would be quite easy but working or knowing about the recycle part would need some research. Many of us buy mobile phones out of curiosity due to various design and new features thinking that would better than the prior. We spend huge chunk of money on buying the latest model and playing around with that. Some of us also have multiple phones due to business needs or just to brag about it. We also keep the old phones aside in some stack of old things and buy a new one forgetting the old one, some sell them and some give those to others. Now instead of following of these methodical practices we can do a more valuable and beneficial effort of donating the old mobile phones to charity.

Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity

The make and take of mobile phones with its treasurable entities used like metals or plastics can be helpful for recycling.
Many mobile companies give you the option of unloading or delivering your old phones to themselves so as to make recycle easy job. But there is lot better you may do with it like by contacting several charity firms who have contract with mobile firms. These charity organizations collect the old mobile devices and try to generate income from the same to help the needy in many ways.Usually the income raised from donation of old devices is primarily used by the charity groups to run their firms so as to offer food and shelter to the one who need it. There are other groups also who use it for various purposes like running a dog firm, helping various national organizations to run their job cycle, helping old and homeless people, helping orphan kids, helping some small groups to run environment friendly campaigns and much more.

The motive for all of us is to collect old phones from around in your neighborhood, your colleagues, your family members or any one whom you think is willing to donate it. You may run the drive in your organization, in your company, in your friend circle, in social events and many places where there are gatherings of people to make them understand as how helpful and supportive it would be in contributing your old cell phones rather than making it a hazardous item for the environment and mankind.

The donation cycle is very easy going and friendly. Before donating your device you may remote wipe your device as a precautionary measure so as to save your personal stuff by going into wrong hands, And then call or email a charity firm to inform them your willingness on donation of the outmoded device. They will provide you the details on packaging and delivering of the gadget and you will be free of the item in a better way.



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