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Fantastic Computer Upcycling Art

August 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Interested in the idea of reusing, upcycling junk electronic items to come up with innovative or useful items? Check out this list. Computer upcycling art

Spaceship Lamp made with recycled computer parts by Alex Andromeda
The “Spaceship Sirius” by Alex Andromeda made from recycled computer parts. Photo: Alex Andromeda.

We are in an age when electronic technology is developing at a blinding speed. Planned obsolescence seems to be the norm — every few months a newer, sleeker, and faster electronic device gets invented and foisted on consumers through expensive marketing gimmickry to get them to switch to the newer version.

The obsolete version gets discarded and while a large part of old electronics are recycled, a significant portion is illegally dumped in municipal landfills, while a small percentage gets exported to places like China and Africa for manual dismantling and recycling. The toxic environment in these places where the e-waste recycling methods practiced can be described as primitive at best is harrowing. In one study, more than 82 percent of children in Guiyo China have been found to be suffering from clinical lead poisoning.

We’ve always been interested in the idea of reusing, upcycling or repurposing junk items to come up with innovative, cool, or useful items. EcoFriend recently featured a list of art objects created from recycled spare parts of obsolete or old computers. Take a look at the complete list here to get your creative juices going and perhaps come up with your own computer recycling ideas.

Our runaway favorite is of course, the “Spaceship Sirius” by Alex Andromeda (see picture above). This spaceship disguised as a lamp is made from used hard drive cases and would fit right at the Comicon or at any high brow museum of modern art. It’s that good, in our opinion. Incidentally, the same artist who created this beauty also fashioned lamps, sculptures, eyeglasses, and our next favorite item, the e-waste miniature bike (below), all from junk computer parts.

Miniature Bike made with recycled computer parts and VCRs by Alex Andromeda
Miniature Bike made with recycled computer parts and VCRs. Photo: Alex Andromeda

Measuring just 1″ x 6″ x 4″ , the mini-motorcycle (yes, it has its own tiny motor) is a masterpiece of miniature art, miniature recycling, or whatever you want to call it. Made from recycled computer parts and VCRs, this micro bike highlights Alex Andromeda’s consummate skill in assembling and manipulating the smallest of parts to come up with the most artistic creations.

A snake isn’t exactly a mouse’s best friend but this one is. Cleverly designed by Korean painter Choi Jung Hyun from dozens of keys from trashed keyboards, this red tongued cobra is one of our favorites in the Eco Friend list.

Keyboard Cobra snake figure made from discarded keyboards
Keyboard Cobra snake figure made from discarded keyboards. Photo: Choi Jung Hyun.

While projects like these will never be big factors in dealing with our electronic waste problem because let’s face it…not everyone will have the time, creativity, or inclination to build these things, they are still a big part of the solution. They all serve to remind us that rampant consumerism (producing massive e-waste) is a problem and that there is a proper more responsible way to recycle and dispose of obsolete electronic products.

Apart from that, these are just really cool art pieces. Enjoy.

via: EcoFriend

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  • 1 Jamie // Aug 11, 2011 at 6:31 am

    Art at it’s finest. Also I would buy these in a second.