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Convert Webpage to PDF on Android Phone

December 19th, 2012 · No Comments

There are several ways to keep your webpage on your Android phone. Many Android Apps help you to convert webpage to PDF on Android Phone. 

If you are on the move and want to save a website for viewing later offline, you need to save it. Viewing files on mobile phones is different from the conventional way of viewing content on computers, who have the luxury of time and space.

 There are several ways to keep your webpage on your Android phone. You could either save it by going in the “Options” sections and click on the “Save for offline reading”, which would save your page as it is and transfer it to the “Saved Pages” section.

Alternatively, you could also click on the “Save to bookmarks” section, which would save your page as a file in the “bookmarks” section. However, if you want to convert a webpage to a PDF file, read on.

Many Android Apps help you do this.  Have a look on these:

  •  The Adobe Reader

The Adobe Reader has been developed for high quality viewing of documents on smartphones. It allows easy navigation with different viewing modes such as TextReflow and has a built in file manager.

It supports integrated file sending and sharing options. Although the Adobe CreatePDF mobile App does not support conversion from webpages, the PDFMyWebPro allows conversion of webpages into PDF formats on Android phones.

  •  Using the Firefox Browser

If you have the Firefox browser on your Android, you only need to click on the “Options.” The latest beta version of Firefox mobile comes with an option to save and convert a webpage to a PDF.

All you need to do is to click on the “Menu” options, followed by the “Site options” to show up the “Save webpage to PDF” option. Simply clicking on this will convert your webpage.

  •  HTML to PDF Converter

Featured with high quality PDF rendering, this converter easily converts HTML pages to PDF formats with automatic bookmarks. It also has options of converting files into several languages.

  •  Dolphin HD Browser

Another browser for Android phones, the Dolphin HD comes with many features, tabs, and options that you can use for a better viewing and reading experience. Of the many features, it offers, it has a web to PDF option that allows you to convert easily webpages into PDF files on your Android phone.

It is an extremely easy to use application as it does not require any activation and is ready to use just after installing the dolphin HD browser. Just click on the PDF file icon to prompt you to store and convert the webpage by giving it a name.

  •  Web Snapshots

You can save any webpage by converting it into a PDF file using Snapshots. It keeps a record of the webpages saved and can even save 6maps and images and also allows you to share them with your friends!

  •   UrlToPDF

This App allows you to convert webpages to PDF files on your Android phone by pasting the URL of the website in the box given, which starts the conversion process. It also gives you the option of three converter tools, which helps in improving formatting for mobile phones.

  •  Web2PDF

A highly convenient way to save your webpages, this App converts your websites into PDF files without hassles! Once saved, this App will launch its browser to download the PDF, which allows easy sharing and viewing of documents.

These are some of the easiest Apps, which not only save a webpage on your mobile but also convert it to a PDF file for a richer offline reading experience on your phone.

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