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Creative Solutions To E Waste

February 14th, 2013 · No Comments

E-waste is becoming a global concern for the society these days. In this post we will tell you some of the creative solutions to E waste. Have a look:

E-waste is one of the burgeoning concerns that the global society is facing these days. Each year the e-waste being generated is increasing and it is creating problems related to their disposal. As a result the waste needs to be either reused or, if disposed, they need to be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner to safeguard the environment.

Although the sight of recycling bins and collection boxes is common these days across your streets but this is never enough to completely stop the dumping of e-waste. The manufacturers need to introduce new and innovative methods in order to conserve these worn out electronic items and turn them into a new avatar.

The manufacturers need to be working both in the upstream and the downstream. As far as the upstream is concerned, the manufacturers may reduce the amounts of hazardous components such as brominated flame retardants, polyvinyl chlorides, beryllium and phthalates which are environmentally very sensitive, from their respective manufacturing processes. As a result even when these waste gadgets make it to the landfills or are incinerated, these hazardous elements are at least not present in the waste.

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On the downstream, the manufacturers should tie up with efficient and certified recycling facilities so that their e-waste that they produce annually is not dumped in the form of landfills, rather it is treated in a completely eco-friendly manner and is reused or recycled if possible.

Also the end consumers can be easily involved in this recycling process. The manufacturers need to adopt a reverse logistics model of business where they collect the worn out devices that they had manufactured, from the consumer and then remanufacture them in the form of more reusable forms. Also in exchange of the worn our products that the manufacturers gather form its consumers, they can be offered a great deal in the form of certified, pre-owned gadgets on their own stores which not only conserves these pre-used gadgets but also offers a cost effective deal to the consumer. So this not only save the consumer’s money but also helps in reducing e-waste.

The manufacturers and retailers can also have a much greater reserves of the refurbished products by innovating new methods to buy these products back from the customers. They need to make available to its consumers easy and convenient locations to drop off their products at their own comfort. The manufacturers can also offer its customers a smart upgrade plan in which the consumers can sell their old devices when they are thinking of upgrading to a more recent and modern technology and in turn the company can offer the consumer a discount in the prices for the new technology. This again presents a cost incentive to the consumer that encourages them to provide the manufacturer with their used technology and the manufacturer can also reduce the manufacturing and raw materials’ cost in the same manner. The old devices gathered by this program can either be, if possible, remanufactured into the new ones or can be disposed of through a certified recycling service.

So, through very little innovations in the field of recycling of e-waste a great deal of change can be brought to the present problem of the e-waste disposal. It is not necessary to dispose of this e-waste as it can, in most of the situations, easily be reused or remanufactured. The manufacturers just need to provide certain incentives in order to encourage its customers to give back their worn out and not in use gadgets to the manufacturers. This process will not only provide cost effective benefits to the consumer but it will also reduce the e-waste and safeguard the environment.

So these are some creative solutions to E waste. This article might be helpful for you.

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