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Latest Dolphin Browser for Android

January 15th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about the latest dolphin browser for Android and its benefits. Here’s the details.

Many Android mobile users have appreciated Dolphin Browser 9.1.0 as they find it an accurate and convenient web browser so far. This browser has several useful qualities that help users in perfect navigation of the web.


Browsing websites with latest Dolphin Browser 9.1.0 becomes faster and thus, users can enjoy various contents on their Android mobiles with quality performance. If you have used Android mobile, you must have used a process wherein web pages open through tab forms and you can easily switch websites in between, through clicking on opened tabs. Besides that, you can also access thumbnail view of window by sliding down the screen and thus, you can get through various opened web displays.

The latest Dolphin browser 9.1.0 has several beneficial features that include panel for bookmarks, sliding out left screen and all these features develop faster approach to desired web pages to users. Moreover, users can conveniently customize their bookmarked orders through dragging or clicking over the list.

This latest Dolphin browser 9.1.0 for Android mobiles has faster speed dial access to used web pages. For comfortably reading new feeds of Facebook or twitter etc social sites, it has webzine named function which is applicable on thumbnails.  The latest Dolphin Browser 9.1.0 for Android is a Mabotap app which is compatible for Android as well as for iOS. So, mobile users who have Android mobile should definitely download latest version of Dolphin browser as quickly as possible.

This browser comes with several features that enhance the performance of a mobile at a great extent. To learn more about latest Dolphin browser 9.1.0 for Android, let’s read on some key features of it in detail.

  • Notification Bar: With this feature, users don’t need to recall various functions and names related to different icons. However this notification bar displays browser full name along with related icons. It will eradicate the issue of tapping to wrong icons.
  • Menu Bar At the Bottom: This option of menu bar at Bottom enables users to approach their mobile’s menu bar through mobile screen bottom. There are some additional keys named Bookmark sidebars, Add-on Bar, Gesture, Sonar access, Forward or Backward bar.
  • Gesture/ Sonar Access: Now, users can easily access sonar and gesture. To do this, they only need to tap icons on Dolphin at left.
  • Background: As in earlier versions of Dolphin, there was bright and deeper background in grey color and many users have found it quite unpleasant for their eyes. However this version comes in white background. This background is much better than earlier ones for sure.

In addition to this, there are so many other enhancements in latest dolphin browser 9.1.0 at its backend; and these described features are the main and the most noticeable features of it. These features are truly amazing and turn usages of Android mobiles or tablets more convenient for Android or iOS owners.  Therefore, if you too have an android phone and want faster processing with awesome features, then download latest Dolphin browser 9.1.0 for your android now.

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