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Drawbacks of large screen cell phones

July 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Smartphones have huge market nowadays & there are plenty of phones with huge touch screens. This article will tell you drawbacks of large screen cell phones

Smartphones have a huge market nowadays and there are plenty of phones with huge touch screens that have benefits as well as some drawbacks. This article will discuss about the disadvantages of having a large screen phone.

Excessive power usage:

One of the main drawbacks of having a phone with huge screen is that it uses up more power than normal phones. Hence, battery will run out quickly you might need to charge your phone frequently. Since the display is huge it consumes lot of power and you might need to carry additional battery or take your mobile charger always with you. This might be irritating for people who travel frequently as they might not be able charge their phones often.

Lack of Keypads:

Touchscreens have replaced the traditional keypads and usually big screen phones do not have keypads at all. This is difficult to use for people who are not comfortable with touch screens for typing text messages or emails. Many of the virtual keypads are not as sensitive as traditional keypad available in normal phones.

Prone to scratches easily:

Another drawback of big screen phones is that they could get scratched easily. Though modern phones are protected with Corning Gorilla glass for prevention from scratches, some phones are easily prone to scratches which impact the screen clarity on long run. Whenever user places the phone inside his/her pocket or is talking by placing the phone closer to his ears, the phone screen gets smudges and scratches. The user has to replace the scratch guard often which is also expensive.

Difficult to keep inside pockets:

Due to their huge size, huge screen phones are usually difficult to place in pockets compared to normal phones. Especially phones with screen size more than 5 inches like Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3 inches screen) cannot be placed in pockets and this makes it hard for users to carry around such phones while travelling.

Accidental Dialing:

Though majority of touch screen phones come with screen lock feature, sometimes users dial numbers accidentally when they are holding it in hands and talking to someone or when it is inside their pockets. Since the screen size is large even if user touches the screen accidentally while talking to someone, numbers get dialed and might disconnect the existing call.

Lack of Accuracy and Sensitivity:

Another drawback of large screen smart phones is that there is no accuracy when users tap on screen. You don’t get proper feedback when you press the screen and some screens are over-sensitive which does not give you good control over the phone. Users might mistype words while messaging or choose wrong functions when they browse around the screen. They might accidentally delete a message or erase data because of excessive sensitiveness of the screen.


Another drawback of large screen phones is that they are expensive when compared to similar phones with smaller screens. The large screen phones are usually priced more than 500$ which is not affordable for average users.

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