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E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City

July 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City. Details given below:

The usage of electrical and electronic devices has been on the rise substantially over the past few decades. These gadgets have greatly helped the people in many ways and have improvised their lifestyle. The speed with which the people could complete their household or official works has increased beyond imaginations. And hence the growth rate of these equipments has skyrocketed thus creating new challenges of handling the discarded items.

The quantities of electronic waste (E-Waste) that get accumulated in the landfills of the states have got the attention of the federal authorities. The findings about the careless disposal of E-Waste and its harmful impact on the public health and environment have forced the authorities to formulate guidelines for handling and disposal of E-Waste. They have also earmarked exclusive landfills to store and discard these items.

The 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – have become the buzz words for all the states in the United States of America. The City of Oklahoma too has embraced the modalities prescribed for the effective handling of E-Waste. There are many ways to discard the “beyond-the-bin” E-Waste by the citizens of Oklahoma City. In 2008, the state of Oklahoma has passed the Oklahoma Computer Recovery Act which has made it mandatory for the certain electronic items manufacturers to fund the collection and recycling opportunities of E-Waste.

The City Council has partnered with organizations like Best Buy, Staples and Sears for offering e-cycling services. The Council also has a tie-up with Goodwill Industries who in-turn has associated with Dell to recycle the computer and computer related waste.

Best Buy is operating Recycling kiosks in every store and consumers can drop-off E-Waste like rechargeable batteries, chords, wires, cables, toner and ink cartridges. They also accept almost all types of electronic items at their customer service counters. Apart from these drop-offs, Best Buy picks up the TV or any other electronic appliances freely from the customer’s home, if they buy the items from their stores.

Consumers can utilize the Staples e-cycling services by dropping off their used office technology items at their stores. Staples would do the recycling of these products at no cost to the consumers. Staples’ e-cycling of office products does not have any strings attached and thus consumers can drop off the products even if they have not purchased them from Staples. They also handle the disposal and recycle of ink and toner cartridges. Moreover, consumers can get $2 back in their Staples Rewards program on dropping off the cartridges at Staples stores.

Goodwill Industries is a 110 years organization having the expertise in social and environmental practices. This organization helps the public in recycling many items including E-Waste. They also train the people to become skilled professionals and also assure placements for them. Dell and Goodwill Industries have joined their hands in the year 2004 to offer safe and secured recycling services of E-Waste. The Dell Reconnect program is aimed at collection and safe disposal of computer and the allied electronic components. Consumers can find the drop-off locations of this program from the official website of Dell Reconnect (dellreconnect.com).

It is the social responsibility of every citizen to have voluntary participation in E-Waste recycling programs as it helps the future generations to live in greener and healthier environment.

Hope this article about E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City helped you.

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