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E-waste Model of Oklahoma City

September 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about E-waste model of Oklahoma City. Here’s the complete discussion:

It is undeniable that since the last decade electronic devices has şişli escort added a lot of comfort to our lives. But this rising trend has posed a new threat to the environment. Survey reports state that, in most countries, e-wastes has exceeded that of municipal waste. This is not a myth; just look around to see the dependence of human beings on consumer electronic items! If there are not proper channels to recycle and reuse these, the soil and water sources will be polluted leading to devastating consequences.

E-waste Recycling in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma city metro population comprises of more than 1.4 million people, which is highly dependent, on the consumer electronic items like computer, CPU and monitors, telephone and cell phones, fax machines, camcorders, copy machines, gaming consoles, DVD players and VCRs, audio/stereo devices and many more.

After the Computer Recovery Act came in Oklahoma in the year 2008, many e-cycling efforts are done for making the environment safe from the various threats imposed by the improper disposal of the e-waste. Several e-cycling drives and programs in Oklahoma have helped a lot in collecting, refurbishing and reusing the e-waste items. According to Oklahoma Recovery Act computer manufacturers will be representing a proof of computer recovery or recycling program to DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality). The evidence includes mail-back system, collection events, and the various contracts made by recycling shops.

Proper e-cycling methods opted by medical facilities, businesses, individuals and schools make Oklahoma city a perfect e-waste recycling model. The city is following many safe and EPA compliant recycling options for discarded computers, cell phones, PCs, laptops and other electronic items.

How You May Participate in Oklahoma e-Waste Recycling Drive

E-waste Model of Oklahoma City

Spreading awareness regarding soil pollution and how to combat it is the only way you can stop further deterioration of the environment. Here is how you may participate in the Oklahoma e-cycling efforts-

1. Do not dispose your old devices as soon as a new version appears. Rather upgrade the existing, refurbish and keep using them.

2. If your old electronic item is no more of use, don’t throw them in landfills, try to donate them.

3. Check for recycling events regularly. As soon as you come to know of one try, to reap its benefits.

4. You can also contact your local solid waste collection department to check if they have some way to collect electronic items separately. In Oklahoma City,  you will get periodic collections for this purpose.

5. Various electronic companies offer to recycle or take-it-back offers; Use these offers.

6. When you are purchasing a new device look out offer trade-in offers. Many companies have third party retailers handling these efforts, and you will get their names by searching on the internet.

7. Check for energy efficiency of your gadgets. It is better buying gadgets that have higher efficiency. Look out for gadgets that have fewer toxins and are easily recyclable.

Oklahoma City Disposal of E-Wastes

The workplace needs constantly upgraded devices to stay at par in the market. In Oklahoma city,  there are several websites that accept old and outdated gadgets and help the under privileged to reap benefits out of them.

Pacebutler Corporation is one of pioneer organization, which has helped many people, in re-selling and recycling their used cell phones. Moreover, there are campaigns like EPA’s e-cycling Campaign that tries to increase the collection of recycling products nationwide.

The Oklahoma “Department of Environmental Quality” encourages every individual to upgrade, resell, donate and recycle their products that are not in use.



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