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E-Waste Recycling Business Plan

February 7th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about E-Waste recycling business plan. First of all we will tell you the meaning of E-waste.

E-waste is one of the major mushrooming issues that global environment is facing these days. People are really unaware that their old TVs, Computers and Cell Phones can actually be recycled for beneficial extraction of elements from them before disposing them of in an eco-friendly manner. Also there are very less businesses and services that offer this facility.

If you are one of those lucky few who are planning to start a business regarding the same, there are some vital points that you need to consider. These points have been enlisted below:

e waste recycling

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  • Research the best data wiping tools and utilities present in the market. You should purchase the best wiping tools in order to ensure your customers that all their sensitive and confidential information that was earlier stored on their busted devices is securely deleted. You should also have a certification by the data wiping service you use. That will further improve your credibility among the consumers.
  • You should also have certifications and permits for various hazardous waste handling, e-waste recycling and general business operations from the concerned agencies and government bodies. Complete all the legal formalities in time. Contact the PWD of your city and learn about methods of disposal and the zoning requirements for your business.
  • As most of the e-waste is composed of CRT TVs and screens, you should have a plan of the disassembly line for your plant. You need to screen these CRTs into a CRT crusher that isolates the plastic protective covering from them and then crushes them in order to expose the internal parts for further processing. A CRT crusher is probably the most vital equipment for your plant.
  • A CRT crusher will implode the cathode ray tube, resulting into shattered glass. This glass is phosphorous coated which is a bit hazardous. When you isolate the minerals form this glass, you need to collaborate with various recyclers that accept such hazardous waste for recycling and proper disposal. You can never risk keeping this hazardous waste with you for a long time.
  • You can categorize your recycling charges based on the shape and size of the device being recycled. You can conveniently charge higher for oversized or misshaped equipment. Design a brochure enlisting the types of devices that you accept for recycling and your respective charges. Also mention your right to modify those charges based on the onsite inspection.
  • You can also tie up with local recyclers or electronic refurbishes or any such electronic manufacturers who might be interested in the raw material that you get after the recycling process. You can also work out for monthly or weekly deliveries to them in order to earn some revenue while you are moving out the e-waste from your location.
  • There are many additional accessories in the e-waste that can be easily salvaged by scrutinizing it carefully and properly.  Properties like speakers, USB cords, power cords and many other accessories can be easily reused the way they are. You can also have a small section at your place that sells this stuff to companies and individuals at fair and cheaper prices. But make sure you include a clause in your contract that asks permissions from the previous owner to resell the reusable stuff without any additional compensation to him/her.
  • Also while you are formulating the business plan, take into account the cost of fuel, renting and labor costs while you collect this e-waste from the consumer premises and bring it to your facility. These costs are often forgotten, so take care of them as well.


Some of the e-waste such as circuit boards and keyboards contain hazardous elements like mercury, lead etc. You should make available your employees with all the necessary safety equipment and measures before they start working on such e-waste. Also always keep a check and follow the federal and state regulations regarding the handling and recycling of e-waste.

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