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Best eBook Reading Apps for Android

October 11th, 2012 · No Comments

This article enlists some of the best eBook reading apps for Android cell phones. Here’s the list of some:

There was a time not so long ago when the number of books in somebody’s possession defined their scholarly aptitude in the society or the number of first editions, their refined artistic culture. And that was a time when concepts like eBooks and tablets were the fodders of science fiction.

However time took huge leaps to present where eBooks, their readers like Kindle and Nook, the do it all smart phones and now tablets have become a way of life.

This list here tries to identify some of the best readers you can use that can help you develop the scholarly aptitude with a technological niche on your android based operating system devices!. Here are best eBook reading apps for Android.


The revolution that Amazon started with an online book store to developing their own reader reached a new high when Android received the Kindle.

Now you don’t need to own their device to enjoy the enhanced capabilities of Kindle. It is available for free of cost in the Android play store, with a download size of a little over 14 mb, Kindle consists of everything., from a wide variety of free classics on download to inbuilt search engines and an intuitive annotation setup.

Any drawbacks you ask? Well the only minor issue is that it won’t run as smoothly as you would like on lower range droids. For everything else a 4.2 on 5 in the market rating speaks for itself!

B& N Nook Color

Nook, followed the footsteps of Amazon Kindle and realized the potential of Android which lead to Nook Color, an extensible eBook reader across all the android platforms and devices, Classics, Magazines, Newspapers everything at the palm of your hand.

You can receive and review first chapters of any of the book you order before purchasing any of them. As for the design and look, it retains everything from the original highly appreciated Nook device.


This eBook reader that has been making waves for quite some time, be its enviable book collection or support of themes or the trust of over 7 million users. Aldiko commands usage and respect. So what makes it such a favorite?

The approach and proper understanding of user is the simple answer. It knows what the users like. A good eye pleasing interface, ability to tinker with the presets and mould them according to their own selves, no lagging, a huge library and a great support, Aldiko has it all and it does needs to boast anything!


This is a personal favorite. It supports a wide variety of formats. Can align almost everything in proper readable format with the standard textbox kit, but what makes the moon+ reader truly exceptionable is the speed it showcases irrespective of the size of the file.

A clean and uncluttered approach is pleasing to the eyes and a responsive interface is pleasing to mind. At 3.39 MB and a no ads approach even for the free version speaks a lot in favorable terms for this reader.


The reader that knows the power of being social, it helps you seamlessly connect with all the social networking platforms with ease. Where you can find others with similar tastes and exchange ideas! Uploading and downloading of books from mails, sharing accounts like dropbox are some of the many features that the reader provides.

Supporting a minimalistic design, Kobo is a real treat across all kinds of devices. It has a good support but the only thing that can be improved is adding a dictionary in the bundle.


People keep asking that in this highly competitive market, how a product can learn to stand out? There is only one answer to that! Just see Wattpad. This revolutionary reader which just uses 2 MB of your phone packs quite a punch in that neat little bundle.

It brings you the concept of exchanging and reading new stories every day among the users only. If you feel you have enough of the classics or the potboilers from the bestseller list, you can stumble upon millions of other stories! A must have foryour device.

The beauty of Android lies in its firm belief of the age old saying, change is the only constant. Hence the list will keep on growing and a lot of more products are bound to crop up to try to match with the needs of the users, the android play store has it all!

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