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Eco-Cybernetic City of the Future by Orlando De Urrutia

February 12th, 2010 · 4 Comments

Eco-cybernatic city Orlando De Urrutia has designed the city of the future-the Eco-Cybernetic City, a self-contained, & energy-sufficient alive machine

The 3G dataphones of today were the stuff of science fiction 40 years ago. Today, they are so commonplace, we hardly think about the brilliant flashes of inspiration that their inventors had to come up with these clever devices. What would our buildings and cities look like 40 years from now? Chilean urban architect and designer Orlando De Urrutia gives us a glimpse of our future habitat with his beautiful Eco-Cybernetic City of the future design.

Eco-Cybernetic City

This 150 stories vertical city, takes its inspiration from nature itself, mimicking nature’s shapes, geometric patterns, and movements as it integrates itself to its surrounding environment. Seen from several angles, it resembles a stately old tree twisting its way up to go above the forest canopy and face the sky unfettered.

Eco-Cybernetic City Bio-Climatic Systems

A fully functioning city can thrive within its structure, complete with a wharf, commercial, hotel, cultural, office, and residential facilities. This is an “alive machine” that take into its design the economic, social and environmental needs of its future residents.

Designed to be completely water and energy self-sufficient, it integrates aerogenerators that utilizes the strong air flows between its two imposing towers, in its bioclimatic systems. It harvests rain water through its walls and extracts water evaporation from the air.

Eco-Cybernetic City ground view

Its windows are a network of photovoltaic lattices harvesting solar energy and powering banks of LEDs in its facade that intelligently responds to changes in the atmosphere, creating a spectacular image display.

Employing nanotechnology, the building’s skin is self-cleaning. Lush flowing vegetation can grow on its surface providing an all-natural air purification system. A self-contained communications network completes the eco-cybernetic city’s self-sufficient power, water, and communications infrastructures.

Eco-Cybernetic City with wharf

I’m truly awed by this brilliant futuristic design which could very well be the choice human habitat 40 years from now. I do have some questions: what use do we have for the LED display on its facade? How about food sufficiency?

What do you think? Will the cities of the future look like this vertical eco-cybernetic city from the imagination of architect De Urrutia?

Photos: Orlando De Urrutia

Tags: Sustainability

4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Joan // Feb 17, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    This building left me absolutely breathless.

    The use of fractals, eco-panels, and convection in this way brings the building to life and simply begs us to begin construction.

    The building is clearly full of life for the living.

    It encourages one to maintain a connection with the natural world while being at the top of the mark in terms of advanced technology.

    I have no words to truly compliment this architect on the level he deserves.

    I would be great to have this building contracted to Lego for miniature designs.

    It would also give this architect the attention he has earned.

    Adam Reed Tucker is a Lego artist who needs to be apprised of this work, if that has not already been done.


    My favorite hobby shop:

    ToysPeriod is a leading online shop specializing in lego sets and model railroad equipment.

  • 2 Dean // Feb 23, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    wow what a great looking building funny how the music fitted in so well in the video.

    Great question is there going to be enough food around!

    technology is moving so fast these days fightening really!!!

  • 3 Net Success // Feb 28, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Thats very cool, I can definitely see this type of building being built in the next 30 years. The technological advances that have taken place recently are crazy!

  • 4 Avery // Mar 1, 2010 at 1:45 am

    It is definitely a great idea for the real estate industry, a building with all the needs for living.

    But I do not expect any real estate dealers will build such a building in our planet at any soon time, personally the government may set up one on the Mars.

    When the technology becomes more mature, they can set up a ECO building on our earth.