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Effect of e Waste on the Environment

January 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

e Waste not only cause damage to the environment but also pose serious threat to human health. Here we will tell you effect of e waste on the environment.

Every year tons of e-waste is added into the soil in terms of landfills which poses a threat to our eco-system. E-waste not only cause damage to the environment and result into illegal smuggling of outdated technology to developing countries but also recently it has been proved that it also pose a serious threat to human health as well.

Latest researches have proved that e-waste pollution is fully capable of causing many health and mental problems to human race such as oxidative stress, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, probable cancer and even as severe as DNA damage. When samples from an undisclosed e-waste sampling plant were studied, the research revealed that the samples had a really dangerous effect on the human epithelial lung cells.

It has been estimated that every year 20 to 50 tons of e-waste is generated and most of which is either incinerated or dumped in the form of landfills. Even if they are recycled, due to the crudeness of the recycling processes, many toxic pollutants such as heavy organic metals, and persistent organic polluting materials are released from this treatment from the e-waste and have the capability to be easily accumulated in the human body via the inhalation of the so contaminated air.

e Waste on the Environment

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The cultured lung cells were exposed to the water soluble and air soluble pollutants from the e-waste and were tested for IL-8 and ROS levels. The samples were also tested for p53 gene.

The results revealed that the sample contained a significant amount of IL-8 which is responsible for inflammatory related issues. Also the samples were positive for ROS which are chemically reactive and are known to cause excessive damage. The results also revealed that the samples had above normal levels of p53 gene, which marked that cell damage is taking place.

It is also known as a fact that both the oxidative stress and inflammatory response are capable to lead to DNA damage which in turn may induce oncogenesis or in severe cases even cancer. In addition cardiovascular diseases are also one of the ill effects.

These results are both shocking and an eye opener. We should really shun the practices of dismantling the e-waste openly without any protective aid for the workers. Also the recycling and the waste management techniques need to be improved so as to derive the maximum out of the waste and release as less as possible toxins into the environment and eventually to the human bodies.

It is not only the e-waste management that poses a threat to the human health. Also the manufacturing techniques need to be refined so as to release lesser amount of toxins into the environment and cause minimum damage to the workers and employees.

So we need to be more serious about this issue because it not only affects the environment in a numerous different perspectives but also the flora and fauna existing on this planet including the human race as well. It is high time now and some serious steps and measures need to be adopted as soon as possible.

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