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Effects of Cell Phone Radiation and Precautionary Measures

July 18th, 2012 · No Comments

An in-depth article on various effects of Cell Phone Radiation and Precautionary Measures to curb it

Use of the mobile phones is no more a topic of discussion or even a matter of fact; such is the proportion of the mobile phone users in the world today. Mobile phones have actually become an integral and vital part of our lives. However, what actually matters and perhaps is an accomplished aspect of concern that the significantly dangerous and evident ill effects of the radiations of these mobile phones on the human body.

However, wireless technology, which lies at the heart of these mobile phones, is essentially a revolution that has helped us today in every possible way. However, this particular conception of wireless technology is only to blame for these harmful and dangerous radiations erupting from these devices.

How exactly are these radiations harmful?

Wireless technology used in the mobile phones is said to be using Electromagnetic Radiations to transfer the data in the form of digital signals from one device to another. These radiations are particularly detrimental when they are in the range of microwave with the frequency of about 2.5 GHz, which is the main reason behind the intensity of these radiations.

The unique ability of these types of radiations to penetrate the human cells with a relative ease is what the primary factor that has to be tackled with utmost seriousness and genuine scientific advances as soon as possible. As the position of the cell phone while we are talking with someone is somewhat nearer to our head and is also in pressed position at that point of time, the harmfulness of these radiations is unintentionally helped which makes it easier for these waves to get inserted into the human body. We will consider the main effects of these cell phone radiations on the human body and will look after few considerations as precautionary measures.

Significant effects of cell phone radiations

  1. Effects related with blood and brain

The strong and concentrated penetration of these radiations generated heat in the areas surrounding human tissues. Blood vessels near outside these tissues are helpful enough to counter this heat. However, constant and persistent penetration due to longer use of the cell phones can make your hearing ability weak and vague.

  1. Hearing and Non-thermal effects

Slow and delayed cellular response due to adverse effects of these radiations is a thing to worry about. In addition, it leads towards decreased hearing ability as mentioned above along with the piercing and annoying sounds with continuous torturing.

  1. Possibility of Cancer and Tumors

This perhaps is the most devastating impact that these cell phone radiations can have on the human body. Hitherto unknown rather unauthenticated reality of matter, now have been scientifically proven, and hence utmost care has to be taken to avoid such a serious situation.

  1. Mental Stress and Phantom Pain

Apart from all these adverse effects of the radiations, some sort of disease that can also affect the human body which is known, as phantom pain. In this type, exact reason behind the pain in ears and brain cannot be diagnosed; however, it can be certainly attributed to mental stress arising from these radiations.

Precautionary Measures

  1. The first and the greatest care that should be taken are to reduce the overall use of the cell phones to maximum 10 minutes at a stretch.
  2. Use of the Bluetooth earpiece or headphones is generally recommended, as it will avoid contact of your head and phone.
  3. As the cell phones are dangerous to adults, children may also succumb to their harmful effects easily. Hence one should not allow children to play with these devices.
  4. Use of cell phones while charging it should be strictly prohibited.
  5. Proper distance should be kept from the device while sleeping at night.
  6. Overall reduced and optimal use of mobile phones will help you in reducing the cumulative effects of these radiations on the human body, thus ensuring your safety, as well.
  7. Mobile phones should not be used near LPG cylinder or petrol pumps, as atmosphere has static electricity it can explode by getting the radiation from the phones and resulting into fire.
  8. During a lightning storm, do not use your mobile phone.


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