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Electronic Scrap Recycling Equipment

August 13th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about electronic scrap recycling equipment. Here’s the complete discussion:

Electronic waste is one of the serious threats to our environment since it causes all forms of pollution and adds toxicity to the soil and ground water.  E-waste includes all forms of electronic devices like DVD players, cell phones, laptops, monitors, televisions, computers, DVD players etc.  E-waste recycling helps in converting the used electronic devices to usable form by extracting the components using Electronic scrap recycling equipment. There are plenty of E-waste recycling facilities which use recycling equipment such as vertical grinders, shredders, magnets and other optical sorting techniques to extract the usable components from the used electronic goods. A safe work environment is created through strategically placed filtration systems.

Durable and reliable electronic scrap recycling equipment with low capital expenditure is available from Industries. As per
reports from Environmental Protection Agency, more than thirty to forty million personal computers will be thrown out as waste in next few years and an estimate of 20 million tons of E-waste will get generated every year. There are plenty of valuable minerals and metals which can be recovered from E-waste like lead, aluminum, silver, gold, ferrous metals circuit boards, PC, ABS-PC, HIPS and various other plastics etc. Also it may contain certain hazardous materials which should be properly disposed. Modern E-waste recycling equipment includes shredders, conveyor systems, eddy current separators, over-belt magnets, Optical sorters such as L-VIS, MSS CIRRUS etc.While high-power magnets can be used to separate ferrous metals like Iron, Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals and aluminum from the Electronic scrap. Eddy current separator makes use of magnetic rotors having alternate polarity and spins quickly powered by conveyor belt within a non-metallic drum.  When you pass the non-ferrous metals pass through the drum, eddy currents will pull the non-ferrous elements from E-scape and throw them away from conveyor which is then directed towards splitter and separated. Eddy current separators are used mainly used in U.S. for recycling E-scrap and extracting non-ferrous metals from them. The category of eddy current separator is usually based on object of separation and type of particles which you want to separate from the Electronic scrap.

Also modern optical sorting equipment like L-VIS make use of high-resolution color cameras to sort small particles like granulated and shredded materials form the E-scrap. It is also very accurate and 98% efficiency using sophisticated software algorithms to identify elements based on shape and size. The equipment is operated through touch screen and contains high-resolution jet array which offers the most accurate ejection. It makes of color-sorting algorithms to extract high value elements like plastic granulates copper, printed circuit boards etc. It can identify and sort even minute particles very accurately. It is available in 3 different sizes like 1600 mm, 1200 mm and 800 mm and each has its own application. Another category of optical sorter is MSS Cirrus which makes use of high-resolution colors sensors and NIR to separate plastics, circuit boards and minute particles from E-Scrap accurately. All these electronic scrap recycling equipment are highly powerful and can help in faster processing with great efficiency.


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