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The Lesser Known Facts About e-Waste Recycling (Infographic)

September 27th, 2012 · No Comments

In this tutorial we will be telling you some of the lesser known ewaste recycling facts. Here are some of them:

With the ultra-rapid advancements in technology, almost every week a new technology is likely to be developed. This is good for the human intellect but it poses some risks for the environment as well. Many people when retire their outdated devices for the new ones, they knowingly or unknowingly add tons of toxins into the ecosystem which is very difficult to be reversed.

You would be amazed to know that 61% on the world’s population owns a mobile phone. The world’s population is around 6,854,000,000 and the numbers of cell phones are 4,180,000,000 and most of this population keeps their phones with them for even less than a year and after that they end up in landfills. To be precise, 140,000,000 phoned are dumped every year.

e waste recycling

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The mobile phones are rich in some very toxic elements such as lead, plastic, mercury, chromium, arsenic etc. of which around 80,000 lbs. goes into the eco system each year. This is a huge threat for the flora and fauna existing on mother earth. Recycling is the best and optimum option that we still have on our disposal which not only is economical but also saves the environment. If your older PC or mobile has been out of fashion, dumping them is not the only solution.

Most of the parts from these devices can be effectively used for secondary purposes. If you are determined to buy a new device and replace them, then you can donate your used cell phones to an organization where that older device will reach people that value them even more than a new one.

Every year even less that 20% e-waste is being recycled. Only 2% of the old PCs are rebuilt into a new one. Most of your older PC peripherals can be used to build a new one cost effectively and the device will work as good as a brand new one. But there is still much that needs to be done. Many brands such as Acer and HP offer you to recycle your older devices into new ones either as a trade-off for the price of the device or as the parts of the new device. But the corporate world is still to realize the vitality of recycling.

There are also monetary benefits in recycling. The electronic devices contain some of very precious metals such as gold and silver which can be recycled. As a matter of fact, there are about 4.7 Tons of gold and 49 tons of silver which can reproduce a worth of 60 million dollars.

If no-one charges their phone for just one day, 35,000,000 lbs. of greenhouse gases will be saved from being released. It is also safe to say that only 515 recycled phones are ample to power an average household of an entire year.

The legislation also needs to be empowered to prohibit using e-waste recycling as a major landfill worldwide. But it is us who need to wisely use the technology and even more wisely dispose it off either by recycling or rebuilding. It is still not too late, next time you discard an older device, make sure it counts in the optimistic figures mentioned above.

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