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eWaste Recycling: reduce, reuse, create job opportunities

June 5th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about eWaste Recycling: reduce, reuse, create job opportunities. Here’s the complete detail.

Technology has blessed our lives with comfort. We have mobile phones, washing machines, computer and many more electronic things. But did you ever thought what about the phone that is now of no use and is dumped into the land. The toxic elements, such as, cadmium, mercury released from dumped electronic items are now polluting the land.

Improving technology and increasing consumers directly leads to a large number of e-wastage. Moreover, it is dumped or sent to developing countries and polluting the environment there also. The concept of 3R’s has thrown light on how to reduce, reuse and recycle the e-waste.

It is our responsibility to know about these facts and try to minimize the e-waste problem as much as we can-

eWaste Recycling

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1. Reduce

Firstly, if you want to manage e-waste, then you need to reduce e-waste. You need to be little careful while you shop because this is going to reduce your waste as well as save your money. Avoid buying those electronic items that are not recyclable and try to find if you can get some alternative for it..

Be a quality believer: Buy electronic items that have long term durability, this saves money in the long run and reduces land fill e-wastes. This is electronic era and every now and then companies are making products that are smarter, smaller and lighter in weight. This is because a small electronic device will contribute less in polluting the atmosphere as compared to a bulky device. So, try to purchase the electronic devices that are compact, multitasking and are durable.

You should avoid disposals as it contributes to maximum wastage, so try to replace the item like if you are going to buy a new washing machine then avail the exchange offer. Always encourage buying the products of the company who have taken back policy for any brand of products or for their products only.

Now when you have reduced wastage, it is time to:

2. Reuse

You can reuse any electronic device in your own creative way. Be creative in saving things and make them usable for the ones who are not so privileged to buy these smart devices. You will save the gadget and avoid wastage. It would be a nice idea to donate your old working phone to a charity or friend who needs it. It is better making it in use instead of letting it gather dust.

Be noble and donate your old electronic devices to churches or to various charitable institutes. Moreover, other lucrative offer is to sell your mobile phones, cameras, or other appliances to recycling companies and get some money out of it. You can also join an incentive program for recycling and then earn some points by participating in these programs. Later the points can be redeemed to get some stuff.

3. Create Job Opportunities

In the process of reducing and reusing, you can actually provide jobs and create several job opportunities. There are several coalition companies that are presently handling e-recycling responsibilities, and they are government certified. They provide you job opportunities and space to grow. In every job of exporting e-waste, 7 new jobs can be created.

US has taken appreciable step to move forward towards recycling and helping people to be more involved in protecting their environment.

State government has initiated to promote e-recycling and granting multiple e-recycling programs. With the collaboration of federal and state government recycle industry is going to be a major breakthrough and promote thousands of job opportunities.

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