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Top 7 Cool Features of iOS 6 You Might Not Know About

January 15th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you top 7 cool features of iOS 6 you might not know about. Here’s the list of some cool features: 


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1. Phone

iOS 6 has added a new calling feature where you can decline an incoming call by immediately replying with the text message or setting up a reminder to call back. If you are too busy to talk, then tap on the “Do Not Disturb” button from the Denial carter of your iPhone.

2. Maps

iOS has come up with incredibly detailed Map elements. Now you can watch vector based detailed graphics in Sky down view. You can tilt and rotate to view an area with zoom in function with the smooth panning option. You can get turn navigation by turn and live traffic updates with voice commands.

3. Siri

If you want to know the latest movie review, the latest score of the passing football match, or you want to find the best restaurant and book a table there, iOS new featured “Siri” have all the answers to your questions. It can show the list of restaurants, scores of passing football match or the latest movie review. Siri understands Voice commands to open up your favourite applications, post your Tweets and Facebook updates.

4. Facebook

Now it’s easier to stay connected with your friends with Facebook. Now Facebook is integrated throughout your new iOS 6. You just have to sign in to Facebook once a day and Facebook will automatically share your latest clicks right from your iPhone Camera or Photos. You can post your location updates on Facebook with the help of Maps. You can boast the highest score of your favourite game through Siri. Facebook events automatically get integrated with your iPhone calendar, so you can never miss a birthday party, or a girl’s night out. As soon as your Friends changes his/her email ID or phone numbers (profile information), your iPhone Contacts will be updated automatically.

5. FaceTime

You don’t want to miss an smile, an eye roll, a wink or a sad expressions of your dear ones while talking over your iPhone. FaceTime let you see the person you are talking to right on your phone screen. You can make calls through Wi-Fi network as well as through your phone number. That means you can use FaceTime anytime anywhere.

6. Mail

Now you will get an all new experience with your mail box. You will get to set up a VIP list, where you will get mails to whom you give the upper priority say your boss, your lawyer, or your accountant. Now you can add photos or videos more easily. You can refresh your mailboxes by just dragging down the flagging.

7. Camera with Panorama

New Panorama feature is for iPhone and iPod Touch. This feature will let you click the one singular picture with 240 degrees, horizontally and vertically both. Hardware and software both works together to get a high definition quality panorama filled with high resolution pixel quality.

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