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First Algae-Powered Car Makes The Journey From San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

September 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

algae powered car
The “Algaeus” (Photo: Ariel Schwartz)

Right on the heels of our story on algae-based batteries, is this latest gem in algae-related research: the first ever algae-powered car will do a cross-country trek from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

“Powering our cars with algae-based fuel could be the next Apollo mission,” says Rebecca Harrell, co-founder of the Veggie Van Organization, the group behind Algaeus, the first algae-powered vehicle in the world.

The Algaeus will travel for 10 days from California to DC on 25 gallons of fuel (95% gasoline and 5% algae-based fuel) and while 5% isn’t much, it serves to drive home the point of what’s possible in the cutting-edge of alternative fuel research. No modifications were done on the gasoline component of the green crude (produced by Sapphire Energy) running the car which is actually a modified Toyota Prius.

Watch: Josh Tickell of the Veggie Van Organization show off the Algaeus

The trip showcasing the Algaeus and several other green vehicles is designed not only to bring attention to this exciting innovation but also serves to promote the upcoming documentary film FUEL (directed by Veggie Van Organization cofounder Josh Tickell) depicting America’s dependence on fossil fuel and showing several options we can take to wean ourselves from this dependence.

“It hit us that we needed to drive the car across the country,” Harrell said. “People think of algae fuel as this long-term, far off thing. But seeing is believing.”

via: Inhabitat

Tags: Clean Technology · Environment · Sustainability

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  • 1 Holiday rentals // Nov 26, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    We have to think about the enviorment, we needs other source of trasportation, healthier and cleaner, good post!