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Best Free Password Apps for Android

November 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Password Protection Apps for mobile phones can help you prevent unauthorized access. Here are some of the best password apps for Android user.


Do you want to have secured and private access to your phone. Are you concerned about someone misusing your personal information on your phone? Do not worry about it!

Most people nowadays are saving their most personal information on their smartphones as they find it safest to have access to it anywhere they go. However, data protection is still their responsibility. Password protection Apps for mobile phones can help you prevent unauthorized access. Read on to know some of the best password management solutions for you Android phone. Here are some of the best free password apps for android.

Fast App Lock

This is the easiest and quickest app for password protecting your Android Apps. It allows locking to any application and has a friendly user-interface. All you need to do is to use it once to password protected you Andriod App. This App is free and can work on mostly android v1.6 operating system or above based android smartphones.

 App Lock

It has an iPhone like user-interface that can be used to lock even incoming calls using numeric password or lock-patterns. It can also exclude certain android-based apps from unauthorized access from unknown parties.

 Visidon App Lock

This is the smartest way to keep your Apps. Visidon App Lock protects your mobile device with facial recognition. Your face acts as a password for the application that secures your phone from being misused. This free application uses the frontal camera of your device to verify your face to match its settings, thereby securing your phone and private apps.

EWallet Go!

Are you worried about securing your credit card and Pin numbers? This is the App for you. eWallet GO! It is a quick way to protect your personal information such as your passwords, account info, credit card numbers etc.

This App acts as your information manager and gives you the freedom to handle all your personal information to be accessed anywhere, anytime! It is loaded with features and offers over 25 ready-to-use card templates, over 45 card icons with a 256-bit AES encryption. Priced at $4.99, eWallet GO! Is also had the auto-lock facility.

Keeper Password & Data Vault

This App gives an organized feel to your phone. Set with a powerful backup facility, this App allows you full text searching with synchronizing support. You can safely store all your passwords in it as it has a self-destruct trigger that erases all personal information in case of unauthorized access. This App can also synchronize to other devices such as your PC, iPhone, Mac and Linux.

App Lock- App Protector

This is the smallest Android App and has several securing options. You can protect your SMS, Camera, and Emails among other popular android apps and is extremely easy to use. It works on mostly all Android OS v1.5 or above based smartphones.


MSecure is a top rated protection App promising data backup and secure wipe feature. It is a cloud-based password management program equipped with 256-bit Blowfish encryption. Over 250 personalized icons coupled with seventeen templates provide a formatted feel to the App, which can be downloaded free from the Playstore.

Universal Password Manager

The Universal Password Manager is an easy to use App that can protect itself with a master password. Equipped with an AES encryption, it allows safe storage of usernames, passwords, and URLs without giving internet access.

Your mobile phone is your personal device. Secure it with these Apps to give you full control over your phone and relieve you from the worries of its misuse.

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