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Top 5 Free Wallpapers for Android Phones

October 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Different wallpapers keep surfacing in markets grabbing the attention of android users. Here we tell you about the top free wallpapers for Android Phones.

Almost everyone owning an android phone is on a lookout for stylish and funky wallpapers that are also always live wallpapers. With the steadily emerging technologies and applications on the Android platform, many such types of wallpaper continually keep surfacing in the markets, grabbing the attention of the android users.

While some of these are simply unattractive, with no creativity, while others are just ok to start with, a few of them certainly are the trendsetters and keep on doing rounds in the Android circuit.

free wallpaper for android mobile

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These stylish wallpapers never go out of demand, and whenever newer versions of such wallpapers are released, different users worldwide immediately download them.

With millions of Android users all over the world, these products include a wide range and can be viral if they are presented in the right way. In this article, we are going to review 5 such best, and more importantly, free wallpapers for your Android devices. The list has been made as per the number of downloads and the ratings given by the users.

Digital Rain Live Wallpaper

The fifth contender in this list of top 5 wallpapers is the Digital Rain Live Wallpaper. This wallpaper features a digital rain falling in a style similar to Matrix. There are different colors to choose from, and the display is 8-bit since the developers pride themselves on being old school. The version 2.1 includes many more added features and changes as compared to the older ones.

Analogy Clock Live Wallpaper

This is appealing live wallpaper and stands on our list at the third position. The Analogy Clock wallpaper displays the time in an analog form but in a truly captivating manner. It shows the hours, minutes and seconds in a spiral. More so, you can change the colors and customize this wallpaper according to your choice.

 Notification Bubbles

This wallpaper scores on two fronts – it is fun and is quite useful. It has a number of bubbles floating on your Android screen, which contain your current notifications such as missed calls, texts, social media updates, etc. You just have to burst the bubbles to access these notifications.

This is truly a fun way to do things, and; therefore, the wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses. Many reviewers have also acclaimed it. This wallpaper gives more flexibility to you by which you can customize many features such as the bubble color, the bubble style. At the same time, it displays the most often called contact in a heart shaped bubble.

Camera Through Wallpaper

The camera through wallpaper features at the top of our list of top wallpapers. This wallpaper facilitates you to see the things behind your device’s screen through the camera lens. Moreover, you can also switch between the front and rear cameras. You just have to tap double on the screen to take a picture. In addition, it is possible to change the resolution of the camera and enable or disable the shutter sound.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

The developer of the Camera Zoom FX develops this fantastic app and its remarkable features will allow you to fill in your desktop screen with your photos. You can create special effects to your photos or can apply a photo frame to it. The only thing you have to do is to select the photos, schedule the display interval time, and just watch your photos filling the home screen.

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