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Best Gaming Controllers for iPhone/iPad and Android

November 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

  Here, we are telling you the Best Gaming Controllers for iPhone/iPad/android operating system. Here’s the list of some:


Playing games on your phones in leisure time is always fun, but one feels irritated when the game’s user interface  is covered by half of the phone’s screen. Gaming controllers are the solution.

Game Controller can be accomplished on any iPhone/iPad  and Android smartphones. They give you control over the games. Here, we are telling you the Best Gaming Controllers, which give you an astounding gaming experience.


MOGA an Android phones gaming Controller is an ultimate gizmo. MOGA is a complete gimmick, with dual-analog sticks, a layout of four buttons, and a set in motion Two top mounted triggers. It is sizable enough that any sized-hands would feel comfortable holding it. It works with the help of Bluetooth.

You can easily accomplish your Android smartphone into the instrument flexible arm. You can also get connected with its game library. You can also attach a suitable instrument through bluetooth, Televisions and Tablets. Pivot  is a beneficial application. it manages the library of your games that are this compatible to this device.

If you are bored of the same repetitive games then you can also buy new games through Pivot. If you are fond of playing games on your Android smartphones then this PowerA’s,  “MOGA” is the best game Controller for you. The game controller will be coming soon with better games in their Pivot App’s library at the time of their release.


iControl is a bluetooth game controller. It is compatible with almost most all the bluetooth enabled phones including Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and more. It has an iCade simulation for more than 30 application store games without jailbreaking. It has a digital D-Pad, dual Analog nubs, with six face buttons, with two rear buttons.

Its Bluetooth connection is with HID keyboard, joystick, and gamepad modes. It comes with an unshakable Universal Metal holder which gets attached to almost any phone. It has 1360mAh internal rechargeable battery, with USB support for charging your phones. iControl is exclusively made in Germany and UK. This sturdy gizmo will hit the market soon this year.

Coco Controller

The Milkshake Laboratories has come up with a notably excited handheld game controller, Coco Controller. This game controller comes in four different sizes which supports Samsung Galaxy S III Android phone, iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch and the approaching 6th-generation iPhone.

The innovative design of Coco involves a directional pad with multiple axis, Four action buttons, 1 analogue stick, and two triggers, it has got an 3.5mm audio jack which can be attached to you headphones and speakers, this is something remarkably exciting for your live gaming experience.

Currently it has 31 mobile games in it.  Best about Coco is that it doesn’t require Bluetooth or battery. Coco Controller will possibly has been launched this September 12 for $175,000. Get this rocklike gizmo with such hardware buttons gamers crave for.


Another Game Controller, will give you a loggia console arcade experience for the iPad. The iCade shows off two dozen of collections of iPad games and retro games, not those heavy graphic speed shooter games like Black Ops, but gives normal arcade games.

It comes with a retro style classy wooden cabinet, which gives a nice nostalgic look  where your iPad can easily fit in. Credible full-sized controls for a bona-fide arcade experience, with two AA size batteries. The $99 iCade game controller for the iPad isn’t so much. It costs only $99. You can choose to buy iCade Game controller for your old school cabinet gaming experience.

60beat GamePad

An outstanding game controller which gives you a full fledged game console experience. it supports iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This gadget has Dual analog joysticks, digital D-pad, 10 operational buttons, 2 of them are on joysticks, It works with 60beat Gamepad compatible games.

It weighs barely 5.5 ounces, with the approx. size of 6x4x2in. It does not require battery. It has a enjoyable-convenient design with hard-resin plastic buttons. For exciting game-experience one can connect through headphones which can be connected through 3.5mm audio jack.

It has got 25 games in it. You can purchase this dynamite in white and black colours for $50, which is a good deal for getting the number of games it works with and the cord.

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