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Google Maps vs Apple Maps: A Battle to Watch Out For!

September 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Here is a comprehensive comparison of Google maps vs Apple maps, feature by feature.

With the announcement of absence of Google maps in the iOS6 version, Apple has created one more battlefield against Google. Till now, along with the Android Smart Phones, iPhones also had a feature of Google maps in it. At the moment when people are really comfortable in using Google map, announcing a new map feature in the latest iPhone has sent this issue into a big dark cloud.

Whether Apple will be able to overcome the war and come out with a better map feature or not, it’s definitely a million dollar question now. If they truly succeed to do so(which seems unlikely at the moment) then Google will have to figure out more options for itself and face much more challenges to retain its stronghold in the online mapping market.

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

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On the other hand, if Apple fails to crack the maps code then market trend will definitely take a sharp turn towards Android phones and other market competitors. But as of now, things are really not clear at all(though pointers have started coming already) but you will have to wait for couple of months to get the final result out.

However, the feature comparisons between the two maps will definitely give you a vivid picture of what is about to happen.

1.       The Basic Look

The Apple map is demanded to be totally re-imagined and every small aspect are properly taken care of to give it a total different look from Google map. They are using a vector based engine to give a clear and crisp look to the text and make it more users friendly. Although the new map looks quite eye catching, however being new in the market, the map lacks a lot in terms of useful information, which are easily available in Google map.

2.       The Navigation System

In the all new Apple map, navigation becomes quite easier because of the new features like turn by turn 3D navigation. You also get spoken support while navigating through a road, and here it makes the first advantage against Google map. It also provides real time traffic data, information on public crowd etc. which in turn help you out to calculate your ETA. However, the point where it lacks behind Google is the provision of Public transportation information, which is a great advantage of Google map.

3.       Traffic Information

Both the maps provide you information on traffic and also provide you the route maps. However, Apple map has an added feature which will warn you of possible slowdowns ahead due to traffic and other similar causes. In order to save your precious time, it will also give you alternate directions to your destination.

4.       Local Search Features

Apple Map and Google map, both have the local search features in it. You can search for nearby restaurants, gas station and all with this search feature. In case of local search, Apple has made integration with Yelp, which allows you to read the Yelp rating and reviews of a local search result.

5.       The 3D Flyover Effect

Apple and Google both have announced a new 3D viewing feature, Apple has named it as 3D flyover and Google has termed it as Tour Guide. Both the features give a 3D navigation to the locations. However, in the first view, 3D flyover looks more appealing with a cleaner look and real time 3D images.

Among the features, Siri Integration is there in iOS6 which helps you out to find out something of your need like a gas station or an ATM. This feature is much like the GPS system present in the Google maps.


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