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Great iOS Apps For Developers

February 24th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the great iOS apps for developers. Here’s the list of some:

Website designing is a really fun process and you get to learn a lot in this process. These days the websites needs to be optimized for a whole lot of platforms such as desktop, windows, android, ios etc. In this post we will discuss some iOS apps that will help you in developing and designing while using your Apple devices.

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1. Analytics App

This app has been featured as the top app and for good reasons. This is by far the best analytics app for your Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. This app has a smooth integration with Google analytics and you can easily sign in and the app will provide you as many as 55 different analytics data reports for your websites. This app is no doubt more of a management app rather than a development app but it is a must have for every web developer making it to the top of this list. This app is available on the Apple AppStore for $ 5.99.

2. PHP Cheat Sheet App


It happens with most of us that we tend to forget the syntax every now and then and you will be amazed to know that as many as 80 % of the programming errors are a result of a syntax error. Well, this app will help you a lot in such cases. This app is filled with various PHP elements and functions that you may refer to anytime so that you have access to the exact syntax of those functions and elements. Also there are examples provided everywhere for you to have a better understanding about the usage of those functions. The app contains functions such as time and date, file handling, file system, errors, HTTP, FTP, filter, mail, math, libxml, SimpleXML, MySQL, XML Zip, string and even more. This app can be easily downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

3. What The Font

This is a fantastic app that will help you a lot in the designing process. If a situation arises when you are just browsing through web or flicking pages of a magazine and happen to notice a font style that really appeals you and is apt for your project but you do not know the font specifications, this app will come to your rescue. You just need to take a picture of that particular font and in a matter of seconds; the app will give you all the details of that font on your Apple device. Even if your device does not have a camera, you can just transfer the picture to your iPod and run the app, it works the same there too.

The best thing is that the app is totally free for you and a must have tool in your arsenal.

4. WordPress for iOS


This is a good app if you want on the fly blog management and content creation from your Apple devices. This app works on iPhone and iPad as well. With this app, you can edit or create posts, manage comments and add photos and videos to your posts. It is integrated perfectly if you are using version 2.9 or above. It uses WordPress CMS framework if you need to design websites using WordPress from your phone.

5. Gusto

This is a great app for on the fly coding by developers. It has color coded syntax highlighting for all the languages including C, C++, CSS, C#, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Javascript, Ruby, SQL and XML. It has FTP and SFTP support for online project management. You can easily open multiple tabs to refer and compare your various projects simultaneously. All your work will be saved automatically when you log in again. This app will cost you around $ 9.99 and is worth it.

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