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Handcrafted Green Computer By Design Hara

January 13th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Green computer design Hara promises to be environmentally-friendly as it caters to the tastes of those who disdain the mass-produced designs of today.

Green Computer

The top-notch computer designers today all have come up with sleek modern designs to their PCs, laptops, and Macs. But few have designed computers that are both environmentally-friendly and cater to the individualistic tastes of those who have grown weary with mass-produced devices that our information society has to offer. Seoul-based Design Hara’s green computer promises to appeal to the environmentally-conscious user and to those who disdain today’s mass-produced and homogenized design.

Green HTPC by Design Hara

The green computer, an HTPC (home theater PC), which looks like an old speaker box from the 60s, is entirely handcrafted and thus, only a handful can be produced at any given time. Each piece can be fully customized to suit the user’s tastes, utilizing sustainable materials. The user can choose between Italian cypress wood and Canadian rose wood for the side panels – each 9mm (0.35 inch) thick wood is prepared by a master wood craftsman in South Korea and treated with non-toxic finishing, to prevent warping and deformation. The customer can also choose to have the front cover made with natural sheep leather.

Green Computer

Design Hara’s diminutive green PC (8.54 x 8.98 x 10.9 inch) can function as a living room entertainment or computing device for the family. It can easily be attached to your TV, projector, or any visual gadget through HDMI and DVI output, and can fully support Blu-ray. The green computer can accomodate a MINI-ITX motherboard, making it possible for the device to run on 60 watts of power per hour or just 30% of energy that most comparable PCs normally require. The device features a solid state 1TB hard drive , 4GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 8GBs, and an Intel Core2Duo processor.

Green PC by Design Hara

Design Hara’s green HTPC was built with recycling in mind, at the end of the device’s life cycle. The internal parts are fastened in a steel frame, connected by nuts and bolts, and can be easily dismantled and separated when the time comes to recycle the product.

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