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Happy Green Halloween How To Be Energy Efficient and Green on October 31st

October 25th, 2011 · No Comments

Happy green Halloween how to be energy efficient and green on October 31st. Kristin Swineford at the Energy Savers Blog has posted some interesting ideas on increasing energy efficiency at home this Halloween.

Green Halloween pumpkin
Controlling heat loss, lighting, and waste can make for an energy-efficient and green Halloween celebration at home. (Photo: Sunnking)

Hey folks, Halloween is almost here. My kids can hardly contain themselves with excitement no matter how much I tell them that the current observance of an old tradition has been transformed into an annual feeding frenzy by merchants bringing out the worst shopping impulses among consumers.

It’s a joke, of course. I don’t tell them that…not in those words exactly, anyway.

Ok, no more rants. Happy Halloween, any scary plans?

I’d probably go out dressed as my fellow geek’s no. 1 favorite villain Darth Vader (the kids want the Star Wars theme for the family this year).

It’s not all fun and games for us here at home this Halloween, or should I say Hallogreen. I’m trying to implement some energy-saving measures at home and Halloween would be a good day as any to save on electricity and heating expenses.

Kristin Swineford over at the Energy Savers Blog has posted some really interesting ideas on increasing energy efficiency at home this Halloween.

“From lighting, to pumpkin usage to heat insulation, there is something each of us can do to ensure minimal energy waste and maximum efficiency this October 31st.”

Ms. Swineford has these sensible suggestions on how to celebrate an energy-efficient and green Halloween this time around. We need to focus on trying to limit or control three things: lighting, heat loss, and waste.

What makes for a really spooky atmosphere during Halloween night? Why, turning off your lights and lighting candles, of course. If your concerned about safety (and we should all be), you can substitute actual candles with energy-efficient LED string lighting in Halloween colors or spiral light bulbs and still simulate the eerie candle-lit atmosphere.

You can use your fireplace to control the heat or if you’re not using it, keep your thermostat on a moderate setting. Close the door in between visits by trick or treaters to prevent heat from escaping.

What do you do with your pumpkin shell and guts after Halloween? If you’re not using the guts to bake pie, you might want to consider composting your Halloween props. Excellent source of organic fertilizer for the flower beds.

For more information, please visit The Energy Savers Blog.

Have a safe, energy-efficient, and green Halloween, everyone!

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