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Hazards of inefficient e Waste disposal

April 8th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you the hazards of inefficient e Waste disposal. Check here:

Inefficient e-disposal is actually going to backfire on us if we do not take care of it properly right now! E-waste generally refers to the parts of the electronic devices that are disposed of when, not in use. And once their constituent parts hit the ground, they pollute the environment.  As our e-wastes accumulate in landfills, we are accelerating the process of contamination.

Electrical equipment and all those parts related to them actually constitute for the major proportion of the e-waste that is being generated every minute. The dismantled parts contain harmful chemicals that need to be processed before they can pass off to be safe for disposal, and this is not the case most often. For example, cathode ray tubes that are often parts of the monitors contain metals like lead, cadmium and barium.

They reach our body via underground water systems and affect various organs of the body. The quality of plastic used in these computer devices emits particles that affect the nervous system. Not just computers, cell phones to have a lot of toxic materials that are endangering our sheer existence on this planet. So disposing off unprocessed electronic items is the primary concern of e-waste presently.

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How inefficient e-waste disposal affects us

Here is a detailed analysis of how the most common parts of the electronic devices can affect us if they are not disposed properly. Most of these elements have a residual effect on the body, and whereas some effects are immediate, some will show their effects in the long run.

Circuit printed boards: The basic elements in these are Lead and Cadmium. These affect our nervous system, liver and kidney.

Cathode ray tubes: Older monitors had cathode ray tubes and these consisted of metals that come later in the periodic table-lead in oxide form, cadmium and barium. They affect our circulatory system, muscles and liver.

Mother boards: Mother boards contain calculated amounts of beryllium and even though this metal comes just after lithium in the periodic table it is still not safe. It is quite unhealthy for the skin and lungs.

Flat screen monitor: Flat screen in computers are a ready source of mercury and we all know how this affects our brain retarding its growth and the skin.

Batteries in the computers/ laptops: Batteries contain nickel and cadmium and when they come in the human body it affects the kidney first because it is the filter in the body and then the liver.

Plastic in the circuit boards and casing of cable: As we all know that plastic is a massive nuisance in the global pollution but do you know apart from that the casing emit particles that are harmful for us. The cables and plastic used in these computer devices give off furan particles and chlorinated dioxins that affect the immune system.

Some more hard facts

If you feel that, as a global citizen, there is still time left when this e-waste pollution will reach us, we are in a Utopia! We should wake up because stats state that, by the nearest ten and twenty years, ground water will be so affected that it will reach all of us. In fact,  the next generation, who so boasts of the latest android devices and computer gadgets will not have a source of clear water for themselves if they do not get the right channeling of their disposed electronics. Landfills are actually the key areas of lead accumulation and slowly it is creeping into our water, so take attention before it is too late!

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