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How charitable cell phone recycling is a win-win

June 11th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how charitable cell phone recycling is a win-win. Here’s the complete detail.

In the modern technology era, things change often and rapidly. Everyday new features are added in our mobile technology like GPRS, Internet, camera etc. It is amazing for a customer who is tech-savvy however it also has a downside as the wireless cell phones are becoming obsolete as new ones are popping up in the market.  Millions of people in the world throw away their absolute phones to add on the electronic waste thereby posing a significant menace to our environment.

The reprocessing agendas not only keep outdated phones, printer cartridges and other electrical devices out of country’s landfills but also help to elevate funds for educational institutes, churches and other community organizations.

The mobile phone that’s substituted is usually in ideal working condition but is normally tossed in a trash can. An agency estimates reveals that 98 million mobile phones in U.S. were discarded in the year 2005, besides millions of other electrical equipments like TVs, computers, and VCRs. Very few mobile phones were recycled. Several people throw their cell phones in landfills; the mobile phones release nasty acids and toxic metals.

Consumers who don’t want to recycle their phones have option to return their gadget to its maker, or can submit it to the recycling center, or donate it to a non-profit organization and convert it in against cash by one of the for-profit collection plans. Few of these plans accept phones from people, and others do work only with organizations conducting fundraisers.

Many collection companies functions in the same way. They give goods to enable the fundraising company collect cell phones or other equipments and then disburse the association for stuff that are distributed to them. Few other companies are going beyond cell mobile phones. For instance, EcoPhones buys used lappys, digital cameras, MP3 music players, DVD movies, handheld GPS gadgets etc.

The sum paid to the company depends on the state and model of each gadget collected.

Another organization, PaceButler Corporation recycles several used and obsolete mobile phones contributing tons of waste and other toxic materials out of these landfills. Such recycling activities have thereby helped in raising millions of dollars by charities, non-profits, and businesses. The profits earned by collecting outdated mobile phones serve to help patients suffering from cancer who cannot afford the amount otherwise for the services they require. It is an uncomplicated fundraiser and PaceButler made it easy to work on.

The retailers that are presently running recycling, requests to offer their clientele a prospect to recycle cell phones and cartridges of printer at the same time as raising capital for  charity  which is said to be  a win-win state all around!

Whilst some organizations run constant Recycling Appeals, others select to run small campaigns targeted with explicit outcomes. Such campaigns involve a targeted advertising strategy and prop up the transaction of a specific product.

Cell phones needs to be disposed with a twist. Thus we can help charitable organizations by donating our old wireless cellular or any other wireless electronic device while protecting our environment.

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