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How Does e Waste Affect Global Warming

January 31st, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you how does e Waste affect global warming.

As the technology is evolving at a rapid rate, there is more and more e-waste generated every year because people are upgrading to the modern technology really rapidly. This is a good thing but the fact that the outdated gadgets are thrown away carelessly is really disheartening and its effects on the eco-system and the atmosphere are really devastating.


One could question, how come just throwing away my outdated cell phone cause global warming. Well, you would be amazed to know that in the US alone, every year, more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste is generated. And these are really optimistic and liberal figures. Though most of it is recycled and shipped to the dumping markets such as Asia where even these outdated gadgets have a certain value, still a large amount of it is disposed of in such a manner that it add to the already flourishing curse of Global Warming which is really dangerous for every soul on this planet.

The e-waste that could not be used again or shipped to the Asian markets usually withers in the form of land-fills or is incinerated. Either way, this results into damaging the environment.

When the e-waste in used as a landfills, many toxins are administered to the soil and potable water. This may result in the toxins to leech into the soil and take a toll on the living souls of this planet. These toxins may even be released into the atmosphere by the soil which acts as one of the major reasons of the Global Warming problem. Though many European and American countries have put a limit to these landfills according to the amount of toxins in it, but in many countries like Hong-Kong which are technology hubs, around 10 to 20 percent of the discarded technology ends up in landfills.

The practices of incinerations are further more dangerous.  When the e-waste is burned, not only it loses all its recyclability or the scope of extracting any raw materials from it, but also it administers some really dangerous elements such as lead, mercury and cadmium directly into the atmosphere and ashes. This easily accumulate everywhere on the planet and eventually end up entering into the food chain. When products containing plastics and PVC are burned, they cause harmful dioxides to enter the atmosphere causing many health problems and ultimately Global Warming.

Instead of these ill-practices that are being followed, a much more wiser step would be to either donate or recycle your old gadgets. Today there are also many options to sell away your old gadgets for being recycled. If we do not stop, the world would become a really choking place for our future generations to wander upon.

Never throw away your old electronic waste or dump it unwisely as this small mistake of yours does make it really devastating for our Mother Earth. Think of the future generations as well, we desperately need the concept of sustainable development to be followed religiously at this point of time. Just follow the practice of three R’s viz. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Let’s save our planet together.

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