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How to Add a Device Frame to Your Mobile or Tablet Screenshot

January 14th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will guide you how to add a device frame to your mobile or tablet screenshot by very quick and easy method.

Be you a mobile developer or a mobile user, screen captures (also popularly known as screen dumps) have become very important these days. You may need them to exhibit your developed firmware, any problem you are facing or any app that you have designed. As mobiles and tablets are gaining popularity day by day, these things have become a necessity.

Taking a screen shot is very easy on any platform be it Android, iOS or Windows OS. Although the latest versions of all these operating systems do support taking a screenshot by pressing a set of predefined hardware buttons but if they do not support them, there are various software available like ‘screenshot free’ which will help you in doing so.

The main problem arises when you are required to also show your device frame all around that screen shot. In this article, a simple way has been depicted which you may adopt to add a device frame around your screen dump very easily and very quickly.

For adding a device frame, take a screen shot using your device, if your device does not support this feature, you may use another camera in order to take a picture of the screen. Either of the ways will serve the purpose.

When you take a screen shot, your device will save it in the form of a .jpg or .png or any other image format.

Now just compose a mail to smartphones@mailchimp.com. You are supposed to attach the taken screen shot within the mail and send it to the above mentioned address. You will be amazed that after a few seconds, you will receive a mail form smartphones@mailchimp.com with the original screen shot attached in the mail along with the frame of your device. The MailChimp service, itself, intelligently identifies your device on which the screenshot has been taken using the EXIF data of the picture that has been sent to it.

In case you have taken the picture of the screen shot from another camera, you need not worry. Just write the name of your device in the subject of the mail and MailChimp will add that frame to your screen shot. You may also use this method to add a different frame to the screen rather than your original device. Just mention the name of the desired device whose frame you need and Voila! The deed is done.

An example of this service is shown below:

This is the original screenshot taken on an Apple iPad.

This is the screenshot after it has been framed by MailChimp. It is really hard to tell that the image is not ‘technically’ original. It looks really authentic.

By specifying the name you can also get the screen of one device on the other. This effect with a device’s screen shot plastered on separate frame is demonstrated below.


This is an actual Android ICS screen shot.


This is how it magically gets transformed into an iPhone screen capture using MailChimp service.

So now you do not have to fiddle with PhotoShop or any other image editing software. Just use MailChimp and within a jiffy, you get the desired results in front of you. Isn’t that just amazing

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