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How to Add a Widget to Lock Screen Android

March 21st, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to add a widget to lock screen Android. Here’s the complete details:

Well Google has been showing some real magic for a long time with different versions of Android. And now it comes along with the feature of lock screen widget in its latest version of Android 4.2(jelly bean) which is placed on the upper part of the screen. Through this Google has made things even handy for its users. The locked screen can show updated information from time to time and you can also add several large applications as widgets on the locked screen.

So what will happen is that you can unlock and right away jump into your urgently required application. You can add up to five widgets on the home screen (four for tablet users). Now what are the simple steps that you have to follow in order to add a your required widget to your locked screen we will discuss in the next few lines.

When you install the application on your Smartphone, you will find the unique white screen line (it refers that there is some more information regarding the topic.) on the left side of the screen when the phone is switched on. Users can use the swipe option towards the right for the access for the application of camera. Since adding this feature you need to swipe which will showcase the rectangular shape box with a sign of plus in the middle to the other rectangular options which is transparent.


You will have to click on that plus sign.  As soon as you do so, you will be directed towards a new screen which will provide you with 5 options from which you need to select accordingly. For owners who are using tablets will have only 4 options in it. The options which are portrayed are: – Calendar, Clock, Inbox, Messages and song search option. When you click on any of the options it will move to the home screen of your phone. Now the rectangle which was empty will be filled by the option which you have selected. Widgets can be easily interchanged. You can interchange by just hard pressing them down and then dragging on the top screen.

It’s advisable that whenever you activate devices you should keep the locking pattern information up to yourself. Let’s have a look at all the options which we have mentioned above.

  • Calendar

Keep forgetting about things? Here’s your answer to live a more disciplined and punctual life. The locked screen will keep reminding you about what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

  • Clock

It updates the date and time according to the settings you set up. It will show the time according to the country you have chosen.

  • Inbox

You can know the recent mail you have received without unlocking the screen. You can the sender’s information and time on the screen. So the next time you receive an unnecessary email you don’t need to open the email application. Yes, there is a lack of privacy issue and there is only one solution to it and that is not using this widget.

  • Messages

Messages performs more or less in the same fashion as inbox. If the message is a long one then you will have the screenshot of it under the locked screen.

  • Song Search

And at last comes the song search wizard. Through this you can see the name and the artist of the song that is currently playing. Along with that you will find a buy option.

So till the next time Google comes with new magic using its magic wand called Android, enjoy the simplicity of this features.

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