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How to block Ads on Android

July 7th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you How to block Ads on Android. Here’s the complete procedure.

Google, license owner of Android OS, has made blocking ads on android phones a tad difficult. This is because recently Google Inc had officially banned most of the ad blocking applications from Google Play Store. As of today ‘Adaway’ and ‘Adblock plus’ which are two most popular ad blocking application are not available on Google play store.

What this means is that henceforth android phone users won’t be able to directly download popular or even non-popular ad blocking applications on their phones Google play store. The only and only option that now android phone users can rely on is ‘side blocking’. What is side blocking? Side blocking is a simple process through which you download ‘non-android market’ applications on your android phones. So, the simple process of side blocking will help you in downloading those much needed ad blocking applications and finally get rid of all those irritating ads and ad pop ups that has been gobbling and invading your minuscule phone screen.

In this article we’ll explain you step by step on how you can get ad blocking applications on your android phone via side blocking. However, we would like to clarify that following steps are applicable only for rooted android phones.

There are actually three ways to side block and get ad block applications on your android phone: 1st is to directly download from websites through your mobile web browser, 2nd is to download from a computer to your phone using an Application Installer or File’Manager, 3rd is to install from a computer’to your Android phone using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK):

We will look into the first one as it is the simplest and less time consuming. So here we start.

Step 1:

Incase your android phone isn’t downloaded with APK file format, then please download one from Google play. This is because all android applications are stored in APK file format. So, your android device must have APK file format in it.

 Step 2:

After you’ve ensured that your android phone has APK file format, go to ‘Setting menu’ and select ‘application’.

Step 3:

Under ‘application’ check on ‘Unknown Sources’. ‘Unknown Sources’ are disabled by default on android phones. Enabling ‘unknown sources’ will allow you to download ad blocking applications from other than Andriod market. As soon as you enable ‘unknown sources’, a alert message will display warning your phone being vulnerable to attack from malicious applications and malware. Simply click  on ‘ok’.

Step 4:

Now open the web browser of your phone and go to any websites from where you can download ad blocking applications.

Step 5:

You can either go for ‘Adway’ or ‘Adblock plus’, these two are most popular ad blocking applications.

The other two ways or steps are little complicated but still are widely practiced to download non-market applications on their android phones. We have also specified in beginning itself that above mentioned steps are only applicable on rooted android phones and not non-rooted phones.

In case if your phone is indeed un-rooted or non-rooted, then you’ve no other option but to block ads by changing your web browser’s settings. Unfortunately, however, not all web browsers support this.

Hope this article about How to block Ads on Android helped you.

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