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How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo From Your iPhone

January 18th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will guide you how to change your Facebook cover photo from your iPhone. The complete procedure is given below:

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site to stay in touch with your friends and family all over the globe. The Facebook profile has become a mirror of your personality in the past five years. If you want to know someone better, just grab his/her Facebook profile and he/she is an open book for you.

how to change your facebook cover photo from your iPhone

During such times, your Facebook cover photo reflects your personality to a great extent. Since the very introduction of Facebook timeline, the Facebook cover is one of the most stunning and cool feature that has been provided to its users. At times, people find it really difficult to update or change their Facebook cover photos if they are new to this social networking site.

Well, this post will help you in the same while you are using your iPhone or any other phone for that matter, the procedure remains very much the same. So let us begin with it. Following are the steps that you are supposed to follow in order to update your Facebook cover photo. Remember that it has been explained when you are using a browser such as Safari on your iPhone. Otherwise while using the iPhone Facebook app, it does not seem to be possible yet.

  • First of all, go to your profile’s timeline. Just click on your name on the upper right corner of your Facebook page and you will be taken to your timeline.
  • You would see your cover image, if you already have it, or a blank space for the cover image. You just need to hover over it or click it.
  • When you hover over it, you will see a ‘change cover’ option at the bottom right corner of your cover image or cover image space.
  • Just click on it and then choose one of the available options like upload a new photo or reposition your photo or delete your cover photo.
  • When you choose upload a new photo, you may either choose to click a new photo right then or upload a photo from your albums.
  • Now save the changes and soon your Facebook cover photo will be updated. You may check it by visiting your home again and then having a look at your cover photo.
  • You would now have successfully updated your Facebook cover photo for your Facebook profile.

Note: This procedure is meant to be followed while you are using any browser on your phone such as Safari or Firefox. As for now, there is no available option to change the cover photo of your profile while you are using the iPhone Facebook app. This problem does not seem to be fixed even after the latest update for the iOS 6 all for Facebook. Let us just hope that the developers soon add this option in the iPhone Facebook app as well. Until then you may try updating your Facebook cover photo using the browser via the above procedure easily and successfully.

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