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How to Dispose off E-waste Properly?

January 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you how to dispose off E-waste properly. You can choose any of the given options.

Electronic equipments have become almost as indispensable as our body organs. From the moment we wake up, till the second when we doze off .We are in need of e-goods and we are surrounded by them. Now what happens when they decays or get backdated? We throw them away and replace them with new ones? No way! We are in 21st century my friend and here we make the impossible, possible. Thanks to technology and other advancements we have copious things to do with that old broken VCR of ours.

dispose e waste properly

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Option 1: Trade it off

Thanks to eBay, OLX, QUICKR and other such websites selling off your waste is ridiculously easy. You might set a price or put it on auction and get the best deal for it. This way you get to sell it quick, in a hassle-free manner. The same appliance that you were to throw away can earn you handsome money if not anything else.

Option 2: Exchange and Enjoy

Be it your cellphone, DVD player or washing machine nowadays almost everything including your dishwasher comes with an exchange offer. So when you get bored of using the same stuff for a long time or it starts troubling you, simply swap it. There are so many takers of used goods these days that even manufacturers happily accept them for reselling. Starting from small retailers to big MNCs everybody comes up with these kinds of exchange offers nowadays. You can even search for them on different websites. But be cautious of not bringing home a bigger trouble in return!

Option 3: Repair and Reuse

Your rejected stuff that you think is waste and unworthy of use can be very happily used if you can spend a few bucks for it. As far as electronic appliances are concerned always remember that with the wheel spinning manufacturers have to compromise the quality in order to produce maximum at minimal rates to survive in the market against its competitors. So before you plan to dump your old smartphone and upgrade to the latest Android ICS tab, think once again.

Option 4: Donate for a good cause

The computer that you are having a trouble with might just help 10 poor kids study. So go ahead and donate your old cell phone. It’s better than throwing it to off to junkyard. Just search for few NGOs, school s or other such donate-able organizations and help improving someone’s life!

Option 5: Dispose it properly

Finally, if none of the above options work for you and it is good for none and you are utterly disgusted with it then dispose it off in an eco-friendly manner. These goods when disposed improperly may turn into harmful toxins and in return prove so fatal so as to put our life as well as our future generations in danger. So know the proper place in your location from where it will get its proper treatment and get disposed or recycled in an ecofriendly manner.

So go ahead and give your e-waste, which is occupying your room space as well as brain-space an appropriate destination!

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