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How to find device id in android tablet

September 18th, 2013 · No Comments

You all must be wondering that how to find device id in android tablet. So this article is all about  this only. Each and every detail of searching a device id is given below.

There are multiple ways of finding the device ID of your Android phone. One of the easiest ways to find device ID of your Android tablet is by entering the below code in your phone dialer,


Which will show the device ID of your tablet in Gtalk service monitor where it will be mentioned as aid.

Android device ID is the special alpha-numeric code for identifying your device. The device ID of your Android tablet can be useful in case of any issues with your phone and you need to contact customer support to resolve it where they might ask for device ID details. In case you don’t know the device ID of your tablet you can call your phone carrier in order to find out this information.

Device ID

There is also a separate Android Application named “Device ID” which can be used to reveal the device ID of Android tablet or phone. You can download the app from Google Play and install it on your phone. The URL for downloading the Device ID is below,


This simple from redphx allows you to find out the device ID without requiring any internet connectivity. It displays the device ID of your android tablet along with associated E-mail address. You also have an option to share/copy the code to others through Facebook, Email or text. It is a very simple method to find the device ID of your tablet.

This App can help you obtain the Unique Android device ID, MEID/IMEI, Google Service Framework ID, Ethernet Mac Address and Wi-Fi Mac Address, SIM Card Serial and other important data which is unique to identifying your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. The Android device ID can helpful in tracking your device in case it’s lost and also for installing specific applications. Also it can be useful in locating your device using GPS. This App is useful tool for both normal users and developers who want to find the device ID for android tablets. It is expected that many new features will be added soon.

This App does not need internet connectivity and hence whatever information collected will be safe and within your privacy. The Device ID from Author Redphx is the most popular App which has become more successful. The important data which can be obtained through this device ID app include,

Android Device ID

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

Subscriber ID

Ethernet MAC Address

Wi-Fi MAC Address

SIM Card Serial

Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID)

It makes use of ACCESS_WIFI_STATE to obtain the MAC address of the device and READ_PHONE_STATE to obtain the IMSI, SIM Serial and IMEI of the device.

But one drawback of this App is that it does not work with dual-SIM phones where users want to obtain the SIM serial for both the cards. It will mostly return the serial number of the Active SIM card alone. You can provide your comments and feedback to the developer in order to improve the features.


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