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How to Find Lost Android Phone Without IMEI

February 19th, 2013 · No Comments

Find your lost Android phone without knowing your IMEI number. Complete procedure is explained below:

We can easily find an Android Phone using the special IMEI number. But there are certain conditions when you do not possess your IMEI number by any means. The IMEI number is a must thing that you must hold so that in these stolen type conditions you can block your phone immediately.

The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a very unique number, to distinguish 3GPP (i.e., UMTS, LTE, and GSM), iDEN phones, and some satellite phones too. The IMEI number is used for device identification purpose only, and has no semi-permanent or permanent relation to subscriber.

Find Lost Android Phone

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So, after you lose your Android smart phone or it just got stolen, then try to find IMEI number of your device. Just follow a different approach as given below:

1. Check to see the particular box in which you got your phone. There on the box you’ll find a white coloured sticker and generally the device IMEI number gets imprinted on that. But in case, it might be possible that you do not have that box, or the sticker having IMEI number on it gets ripped so badly that you can’t see the number.

2. You can also check the bill and the papers that came with your phone for IMEI number of your device.

3. Use Plan B


Plan B is one more Android app presented by Lookout. It is the last option for those Android phone users who doesn’t have any security app on their phone, and now they have lost their phones. This app, i.e. Plan B can be easily installed remotely from your Computer having an internet connection. Therefore, unlike the other tracking featured Google apps for android phones, this app can also be installed even after your Android phone gets stolen.

For using Plan B just follow the simple steps given below:

1. Go to the Android Market site using the internet, and search for Plan B app in the search option. After getting the result remotely install the Plan B app on your stolen phone. You may also find this app using the following URL:


2. Now Plan B will begin automatically and dispatch the stolen phone’s position other necessary technical details to your Gmail ID registered on Android.

3. To again locate it after 10-12 minutes later, just text the term ‘locate’ to the stolen phone using any other phone.

Each time after your stolen phone’s location gets updated, you’ll receive the information through SMS and email on your Gmail ID.

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