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How to fix poor network coverage in cell phones

August 31st, 2012 · No Comments

In this tutorial we will guide you how to fix poor network coverage in cell phones. Here’s how to do it:

Smart phones are very popular nowadays and almost eighty percent o people in the world have a cellphone. Though there are modern transmission technologies like 3G and 4G, still there are sometimes when we face problems with cellphone signal reception and unable to make calls during emergency times. This article provides some useful information for improving network coverage in cellphones. In some cases the poor reception could be because of your service provider, but many times its problem with your cellphone.

Cellphone Network Extender:

An effective way to improve your cell phone network coverage is using a personal cell phone network extender. These extenders are based on modern technology which act as hybrid repeater/amplifier and can improve your mobile signal reception. These devices are very easy to install, are of plug-and-play type and compatible with all types of carriers. By using these devices you can solve the network coverage problem in your cellphone.

Keeping your battery charged well:

In order to get good signal reception, your cell phone should be charged very well. Ensure that you charge it regularly and the battery level is at least 2 bars or higher. Due to poorly charged battery you might be facing signal problems.

Going outside a building:

In many cases you won’t get proper reception when you are inside a big building as large structures like pillars and walls will be blocking the signals. So try to move outside the building or nearby window where you can get proper reception. If you are travelling in car or bike, try to move to nearest intersection or tower where you can get better signal strength. Cellphone signals usually do not penetrate through land, hence if you are in basement or subway you might not receive proper signal.

Use of Cellular Repeater:

Cellular repeaters receive the low strength signals through their antenna, boost them up and repeat the signals again. Cell phone repeaters can definitely improve the reception of signals, improve the battery life of your phone and also download speeds of data. You might require some knowledge about frequency used by the carrier in order to install such repeaters. You can also use a dual-band cellphone repeater which is usually compatible with all careers. Boosting signal strength through repeater is one good way to above signal problems in your phone.

Antenna up gradation:

One more technique to improve your cellphone reception is through upgrading your antenna. There are some categories of hi-gain antenna specifically manufactured for cellphones which you can get install in nearby mobile store. When you install such hi-gain antenna in your phone, the signal reception will be improved automatically.

 Moving to Different Carrier:

If you feel signal quality is bad with your career you can change to different network. All the networks operate in different frequencies and have their own mobile towers. Hence, the poor reception in your cell phone could be due to bad signal strength of the career in your locality. You can inquire which network is best in your area and get a new connection with that carrier.

Holding the phone in right position:

Sometimes you might get proper signal if you don’t hold the phone correctly. The antenna inside your phone is designed in such a way to broadcast signal in outward direction which is perpendicular to its axis. So, if you don’t hold the phone in upright position you might receive the signal properly.

By using the above techniques you can improve the quality of signal reception in your cell phone and enjoy good network coverage.

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