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How to get Android phone into Recovery Mode

June 6th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to get Android phone into Recovery Mode. Here’s the complete procedure.

In Android phone, the Recovery mode  gives a variety of supplementary actions that can be performed on an Android tab or phone. The system updates can be manually installed, data / factory reset can be wiped or cache partition can be wiped. And if a custom recovery has been installed on Android phone, we get more alternatives to install custom Read Only Memories, execute android backups besides modifying your tablet or phone with a variety of system tweaks.

The recovery mode can be accessed using a range of techniques. A firm way is preferable by running the command ADB from our personal computer; however simpler techniques are also available. Firstly, the recovery mode can be accessed by hitting the key grouping on an Android gadget that means you can hit Volume Up and Power buttons either, or we can reboot into the Recovery Mode using an application.

Technique 1-Entering into Recovery Mode on an Android device (Root required)

The recovery mode can be accessed quickly by following the application technique. It is simpler than other methods and do not require many steps except installation of the application over your Android tablet or phone. Root access is required in this app. Without knowing root access, the app cannot be installed.

get Android phone into Recovery Mode

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Follow the second technique, in case Root access is unavailable

Step 1- Quick Boot has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store and further install it.

Step 2- The app has to be opened, and the 4 options you see are: Recovery , Reboot, , Boot loader and Power Off.

Step 3- Hit the ‘Recovery’ tab and your phone will start rebooting automatically into the Recovery Mode.

Effortless, isn’t it? This method is so far the simplest technique to get into the mode of recovery if we are unaware of the precise key groupings for our Android gadget.

Technique 3: Entering into Recovery Mode using ADB command

This is yet another technique to enter into the recovery mode on your Android device. This technique can be employed when we are unaware of the direct and exact key combination or we do not have access to root to enter easily into the mode of recovery using the application mentioned earlier.

  1. Primarily, ensure that Fastboot and ADB are configured on your computer.
  2. Your Android device should be connected to your computer by means of a USB cable, install the ADB drivers (if required).
  3. Find the way to the directory of android software development key viz. android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools. Run the Command Prompt (Press Shift, then Right-click somewhere in the folder, then Open the Command Prompt).
  4. Type the subsequent command. Then hit Enter key.  adb reboot recovery
  5.  The Android phone or tablet will subsequently switch OFF, then boot into the mode of recovery. Now, Navigate up as well as down by making use of the volume keys.

Alternatively, the android phone can be started in the Recivery mode following the subsequent steps:

  1. Power down your phone/ tablet.
  2. Press Volume up (+) and down (-) buttons simultaneously and then press the Power button.
  3. Navigate to Recovery mode using the Volume Rocker
  4. Press the Power button in order to select.

The above steps will start your Android device in Recovery Mode. You can pull out the battery and re-try if this does not works!

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