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How to get free apps on iPhone

May 16th, 2013 · No Comments

In this tutorial we will tell you how to get free apps on iPhone. Complete procedure is explained below:

For getting any paid applications downloaded on your iPhone for free, you will need a jail broken device. As each of the device OS is broken by using unique and different kind of programs. So the first thing you will have to do is search for the appropriate application which can help in jail breaking. After you are successful in jailbreaking the phone, you will need to install Cyndia. Once Cyndia has been loaded up, you will have to click on the manage tab which appears on the lower part of the screen. This will be leading you to the three patterns of options which are sources, packages and storage. The one which you will have to choose is storage.This is going to allow you to add different sources you are going to find from the web. And then you can increase the number of files which are available for download within Cyndia.

free apps on iPhone

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The next step will present to you the list of all the sources which your phone has stored within Cyndia. It can differ according to the requirement of the users. You can click on the edit option which is visible on the top right corner. There will be some change on the screen based on the selection which has been input by the user. The Manage sources will be having many options like –BigBoss,iOS4-myresponse.com,Iphonecake.com etc. The edit mode of the Cyndia also allows you to delete some options which you want according to your requirement. You can also add some new options accordingly. For adding the new options you will have to click on the top left corner the button mentioned as “ADD”.After clicking on the add options you will be provided with the dialog box, in which you will have to mention the Cydia /Apt URL . This is going to be the place where the full URL repo/source needs to be entered. But ensure that it should be identical with the listing online. Else definitely it’s not going to work properly. Here you are going to enter the source of the Appcake which is mentioned as : http://cydia.iphonecake.com

Once you have completed entering the dialog box, you will be able to view the link now on the sources options where it was added. The URL will be underlined by the red line, so that from there you could check that the link you entered is perfectly and flawlessly added. After this you can press the iPhone cakes source for taking it to its content. Once done you will have to add some stuff which will make the magic happen. Select the first option of AppCake+ (you will have to install it) via the button on the top right corner of the screen. Let the CMD option complete it and then click on the bottom button for saving it. You will be able to check whether the application has been installed or not, by checking the green check in front of the application. Further you will have to add the appropriate version of the Appsync for your IOS version.

This will allow you to download applications via the Appcake on your computer and then will sync  to the iTunes. Another tool is the Cracknshare, which can also download and will be cracking the files. Now as all the applications has been installed you can use the Appcake+ icon which will appear on your phone from where you can download the applications.  The main page of the screen will be showing the latest uploads , but most of the people will prefer to search the applications as they would hate to waste their time.

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