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How to Increase RAM in Android Phones

August 12th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to increase RAM in Android phones. Here’s the complete discussion:

Random Access Memory, RAM in short is part of the internal memory of your android phones. The operating system of the Android devices has inbuilt multitasking feature, which is very much dependent on the size of the RAM. With the low RAM, you can not take advantage of the multitasking feature of your Android phone.

The RAM in the Android phones ranges from 512 MB to 2 GB. Most of the high end Android phones have an internal RAM of 2 GB. However, this is only the case with the high end phones and the rest, that is at least 80 % of them have only RAM of 512 MB to 1 GB. If you are wondering that your Android phone performs excellently with the 1 GB RAM, then you need to know that though the 1 GB RAM is enough for day to day usage, but it is always the device getting slower towards the end of the day. Then you have to restart the device again.

How to Increase the RAM

It is important to understand that increasing the RAM is not literally possible as the RAM is an inbuilt feature. Also, the SD card’s partial memory can be virtually made to increase the RAM, but there are certain limitations too, when you allocate a portion of the memory of the SD card to serve as part of RAM. Any way you can make the RAM rise to 4 GB this way.

There are a few requirements for the same:

  • A SD card
  • Rooted Android device

Make a note that the SD card should be of high speed and it should also have enough space. It is always the class 10 SD card that has at least 32 GB free space recommended. Only these specs come handy when the RAM is to be increased. Once you have all the prerequisites ready, you need to use a third party application. Here, in this tutorial we are taking Roehsoft RAM expander and it works by creating a SWAP file in the SD card. Also, it creates a virtual RAM in the micro SD card.

Here is the step by step instruction:

  1. Download memory info and SWAPfile Check app. This is to ensure the compatibility of the kernel for creating SD Card’s SWAP file.
  2. After installing it, open the app and click the bottom tab of the app saying- Start RAM Expander Test. App will start the checking process after you choose your SD Card.
  3. If your android device is compatible with the app, then download the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.
  4. Install the app and choose the language. Click the Optimal button.
  5. After Installation is over the size of the RAM increases.
  6. Allocation of  up to 4 GB of your SD card can be done to serve as the virtual RAM.

Increasing RAM using RAM Booster

What if your Android phone is not compatible with the process of increasing the inbuilt RAM. Do not worry, there is still an option! Download RAM Booster from Google Play Store. This app has a different working concept when it comes to increasing the RAM of the Android devices. The low priority tasks in the RAM are killed by this app, and the high priority tasks allocate the RAM by RAM Booster. This makes sure that the Android device will always be having some space on the RAM.

You can choose any of these methods based on the compatibility of your Android phone.

Hope this article about how to increase RAM in Android phones helped you.


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