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How to Install iOS Theme on Android

July 30th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to Install iOS theme on Android. Here are the complete details:

Many android users are quite fascinated with the iPhone look and Apple operating system. However, they choose android for its customizable platform and the choice for a variety of carriers. The other reasons are the android Smartphone are more versatile, and they will give a lesser pinch in the pocket than the Apple iPhone 5. The android Smartphone offer a host of attractive customizing features and one among these are to install the mimicking features of the iOS operating system on your Android phone. So stop being jealous of those carrying the new iPhone 5 and install some of the apps available in Google Play that allows some features very close to iOS apps without much trouble. 

Step One:

Launcher Installation

The first step to do so is to download a launcher. The launcher can be downloaded from Google Play, and the best one is known by the name of Go Launcher EX. However, the other alternative is ADW Launcher. Go Launcher EX will allow you to customize your home screen, size of widgets, how many pages to be available and other details. After downloading Go Launcher EX, open the app by clicking on it. You will see a number of introduction screens after the Go Launcher EX boots up. Just explore all the slides to get your new screen page.

Step Two:

Installing a Theme

Launchers already have some themes which you can download any time that looks closer to the Apple iPhone theme. There are simply many themes which look very close to the Apple’s iOS like ‘Theme from Droid4fun’, ‘iPhone Go Launcher EX theme from Urtegata’, ‘Go launcher theme from DG themes’ and ‘iOS iPhone Theme Go launcher from AVillardoArts’. But take a close look into these and choose a theme if it is compatible with your device. Once the screen is downloaded you will have to go to the menu of your phone, choose the screen that you have downloaded and apply it. The new theme will be on display. Now your android device’s home screen will get the look of Apple iOS 5.1.

Step Three:

Installing a Lock Screen Theme

Lock screens can also be customized to look close to that of iOS. Go Locker is the one that is recommended because it works well with the Go Launcher EX. Download Go Locker in your device and now it is time to install a lock screen theme that closely resembles iOS. Go Launcher EX Locker can be befitting or even you can try Magic Locker, which is free.

Now that the process of the download is complete go to the Go Launcher EX Home Screen—>menu button—>plug-in—>Go Locker and choose the option- iPhone Go Launcher EX Locker.

Step Four:

Download iPhone Themed Apps

Now it is right time to decide for some more apps that make your android look like an iPhone. Try Go Contacts that organizes and manages your contact list, and Go SMS iPhone theme that will handle your text messages as talking bubbles, and lastly with the iPhone Keyboard Emulator FREE your phone keyboard will get the look of iPhone.

Step Five:

Cherish your Phone

So your Android phone is now an iPhone, just take some time out and finish off the other customization options and enjoy it. The best feature of Go Launcher EX is that it allows you to customize and adjust many details on the main screen. You may resize the widgets and app icons anyway you please!

Hope this article about how to Install iOS theme on Android helped you.


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