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How to Make Best Out Of E Waste

July 28th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to make best out of E Waste. Here are the complete details:

Have you ever thought of what all you could do with your Electronic waste materials? Never, right? Yes, most of the times all of you are busy thinking of what do to with the waste and, finally come up with an idea of dumping it off. When you dump the waste, you are not only polluting the environment but throwing away means of creativity.

Just imagine, if only you could create a whole new world out of waste how would you feel. Waste can be made best by using these wastes to create something that you use on a daily basis. Say, something like making a pen stand out of waste. Think about it, what all you could do with some of the electronic waste. Here are a few ideas that would bring in some creative ideas into you.

Love for Bags

Do you love collecting bags? Are you fond of shopping for new bags every week? How about creating some real good fashionable bags using this electronic waste? Well, you can use the keyboard that you were planning to dump into creating a beautiful bag for yourself. Black coloured keyboard would just fulfil that desire of yours.

Frame Your Pictures

Buying a photo frame is not as good an idea as making one to store your memories. You can create beautiful photo frames using the keys of the keyboard. You can surround a nice block of board with white keys and make a desirable memory for your home. Your photo would look awesome in this photo frame.

Plant with Planters

Those old floppy disks that you just dusted out of your cupboards are obviously going to be dumped in the waste as soon as possible. No doubt, they are of no use to you anymore. Just imagine what magic you could create using this floppy disk. You could create those table planters and make your plants rest in some home of their own. Beautiful and colourful rooms for the plants that would rest lovingly on your desk! Just imagine how pretty they would look.

Accessories Give Joy

Are you in love with accessories that make you look pretty? How about creating some accessories out of the waste that you just got out of your computer? A circuit board can be cut into various shapes and, converted into a beautiful earring for your ears. You could even use the keys of the keyboard to create desirable pendants.

Keychains & More

You can use these circuits or the RAM that is useless now to create interesting keychains that you can use to store your keys. It is indeed interesting to see how lovely they would look.

Creative Stationery

Old floppy disks can make up for beautiful covers for your note papers. Imagine a small book that would look good on your table to take notes. You could create creative stationery with electronics.

You can actually create beautiful instances using your electronic waste. You would actually protect the environment in the process.



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