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How to make photo collage on an Android phone

May 5th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you about how to make photo collage on an Android phone.

Sharing photos with others becomes a merrier experience because many people enjoy seeing your snaps. A single picture may not tell all the emotions, so there is no better idea than creating collages. It is fun creating collages- whether it is your last day in college, or the moments when your kids are getting naughty the priceless moments are always beautiful to watch. Do you know how to create a photo collage without much strain? Download the Photo Grid app on your Android and start using it!


Here are the instructions for making photo collage on your androids.

make photo collage

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Step One

Obviously the truly first step towards this creation will be downloading the app-Photo Grid For Android-on your smartphone or android. Opening the app you will notice options like Grid, High, Multi or single in it. You will have to choose Multi for this because it is most suited for creating collages.

Step Two

Now that you have decided the pattern its time for choosing the location where your pictures are stored. Immediately all the pictures in this location will be displayed, and all you have to do is to tap on each of the pictures that you want to put. In case you accidentally choose one that is not meant to be a part of the collage, then you can remove it from the option provided at the screen bottom.

Step Three

The right and left arrows below the screen will let you to attain the correct order in your collage. Initially there will be a pink border in your collage, but you may edit it with fingers sliding across the images.

This image that you have finally created can be saved in your files, transferred to the SD cards and shared on the social networking sites. So instead of uploading each individual picture you can do it as a collage. So this how you can create some interesting and natural pictures, and there are many such apps in the market that give a similar effect.

Another app in the same genre

Another such app is called Photo Collage on Android, and among a host of other apps this app too has made its own fan following list and allows ten pictures to fit in the collage. This app gives you chance to shoot your pictures to be added to the collage, and this is called the camera mode. You click the pictures and assimilate it. You can also do it via the Edit mode where you create your collage out of the pictures that already exist.

Using this app is also easy-you download the app, choose the template and select the photo in your locations. Well this app offers little more because it allows you to rotate, re-size and determine borders indirectly. But this lacks the option to change the background.  Yet if, you wish you may download some interesting templates from the net. Also, most people prefer it because it randomly inserts the image in the main frame making it extremely artistic.

If you want to go to the template mode, there are various cuts and shapes provided, and if you apply a little zoom with these shapes you may create some unique picture slots to be added in the collage. Moreover, by simply shaking the smartphone, you can arrange the templates randomly also. Yes, the best part is you can use the downloaded frame here also.

This app has sharing and drop box features. You can also further change and include more pictures on the prepared collage.

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