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How to Make Your Android Phone Safe

September 4th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to make your Android phone safe. Here’s the complete discussion:

Today’s smart phone, thanks to the innovation taking place in the segment, is not meant for voice services alone. Modern smart phones are capable of handling complex activities like data transmission and online transactions too. They can play videos, movies, music and also run several office and commercial applications. In other words, they have substituted desktops or laptops and have added greater agility and mobility for their users.

Likewise, smartphones are increasingly becoming mission-critical equipments that carry large chunk of sensitive information in them. Thus the users have to attach lot of attention and care towards protecting their smartphones from possible misuses like identity theft. In this article you would be reading about safeguarding your Android phone.

Tips to keep your Android phone safe

How to Make Your Android Phone Safe

  • As a user of smartphone you should know that the gadget in your hand is nothing but a mini computer.
  • Keep it locked either by screen lock or by setting up a password.
  • Smartphone becomes vulnerable because of unfriendly apps that look so cure and useful. Hence be careful while downloading them as the malicious apps can steal the vital information stored on the smartphone.
  • Download apps from trusted sources. Identifying the original source is highly essential because all the sources that allow installation of popular apps are not trustworthy.
  • Similarly, the apps that flock various app stores like Google Play must be scrutinized as a legit app before downloading.
  • Keep checking the app permissions from time to time. Stop unwanted apps accessing the contacts, phonebook and other critical data.
  • Now a day, text messages are also carrying malware. Hence beware of messages that come from unknown sources.
  • Install good, powerful antivirus program on your smartphone. This would create an extra layer of security and strengthens the security of the data.
  • Get the periodical updates for the operating system and install them. These updates usually carry improvised security patches that could protect your smartphone efficiently than in the past.
  • Be cautious while choosing your cloud storage service. It is a wise decision to opt for a cloud storage as it can save lot of space of your phone’s physical memory but do not end up with a shady service.
  • Exercise a strict control over online financial transactions through the smartphone. Many online security experts have warned the users against this practice.
  • Data encryption is the best way to keep the data safe and secured. This would make it difficult for others to sneak in to your data when the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Get some useful apps that could locate your lost phone. Chose apps that could turn on your lost phone’s speakers and ring an alarm.
  • Take regular backups of your smartphone data. Add the remote wipe feature to have a quick counter mechanism when the gadget is stolen.
  • Finally handle your gadget with care. Physical damages also can cause irreparable damages to your data.

Your smartphone entices you in many ways and hence it is your responsibility to take a good care of it.



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