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How to manage your Gmail contacts on your android phone

May 28th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to manage your Gmail contacts on your android phone. Here’s the complete detail.

Gmail is a life saver to millions of email users. Sitting at home or office reading mails, deciding important appointments, fixing dates for meeting, informing clients about the next project, addressing employees about work plan and the list go on. Gmail is so easy to use and reaches every corner of the world. What if Gmail becomes handy, what if we can manage Gmail sitting in our car and mailing our friends about tomorrow’s party!

Likewise, it is now easy to manage your Gmail on android phone. Fetching contacts is one of the challenges for Gmail in android phones. Good news is that now you don’t have to reload and refresh your inbox to get contacts. Combo pack of push email and notifications on the status bar gets your task done. You would be notified whenever new mail is received. You will see “@” sign, you have to swipe the sign and your message will be shown on the screen.

There is more to Gmail in android phones. Gmail is featured with other applications. You can share your favorite blogs, you can find contacts by just writing the first letter of the name, and the list starting from that letter would be popping up.

Gmail contacts on your android phone

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Here is a detailed view of how you can manage Gmail on your favorite android phone:


In your android device,  you would be able to view messages that will include subject, date, sender’s name and part of the message would also be shown. For reading a message, you have to tap it to read. If you want to reply, tap reply. You would also see different labels attached with your mail, you can star your mail by tapping on star.

Managing your messages in Inbox

You can tap check boxes present on the left side of every message. You can label, archive and delete the messages. For iPhone and iPad select edit option present at the top of the screen. Tap the boxes present on the left side. You can archive or label the messages.

Replying to Messages

You can see regular conversations like you see in Gmail on desktop. You can reply, forward it, reply to all, you can archive and also delete it. Reply symbol is present as back arrow and reply to all is besides reply option. Archive and delete are present on the bottom of the screen.

Composing New Message

On android device, you have to go to Menu button present at the bottom of the device and then tap on Compose. In case of iPad or iPhone, you can see pencil and paper symbol, which is for composing a new message, tap the symbol. You can type subject and body of the message and then tap Send.

Sending Messages

You can send messages to one or more recipients. If the name is already presented in the directory, automatically list of names would be displayed when you will type the first letter of the name.

Contact and Google Sync

Mobile Gmail utilizes mobile device contacts in place of Gmail contacts. It may be possible that you don’t have the contact details of every person on your mobile, in that case Google sync will prove helpful to you. Google sync will help updating your contacts like contacts, calendars and other information. You can also add your Gmail contacts, it will automatically be loaded on a mobile device.

Now Gmail is easy on your android phones, and you can easily manage your files via Google sync.

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