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How to Organize a Community E waste Drive

February 4th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will discuss some important points on how to organize a community E waste drive.

E-waste refers to those used electronic gadgets and equipment which are dumped away in the form of landfills or are incinerated every year around the globe posing a threat to the eco system including all the living beings in it. It causes toxic wastes to be administered in the soil and air which might also pollute the potable water.

In order to promote sustainable development and protect our environment from such dangers, an e waste recycling drive or fundraiser is a really important step to initiate the change. In this post we will discuss some of the points necessary for hosting a community e-waste drive or fundraiser.

E waste Drive

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  • Before you begin with your drive, you need to have all the information of the companies and organizations that accept such e-waste and turn them into either reusable gadgets or extract raw materials from them. You need to have complete knowledge of their procedures, their shipping methods and charges, their collection methods and rewards, if any. Once you have complete information, you are ready for the next big step.
  • Next you need some volunteers; people who are willing to help you in your fundraiser or drive. They are required to promote your fundraiser publically either by word of mouth or by pacing your advertisements in highly populated and crowded areas so that maximum people are attracted towards it. They will also help you in placing containers and collecting the recyclable materials from willing donors. Also you need a hand in packing the collected materials and then shipping it to the right place.
  • Your fundraiser will not be a success until and unless you properly market it. You need to advertise and promote your fundraiser in order to extend its reach to a larger people and class. You should utilize the power of social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You could also, if you can afford, post advertisements in local newspapers, radio stations or TV ads. You should also approach schools and other organizations to promote and support your campaign.
  • It would be even better and appreciable if you could gain help of local businesses and organizations, which are reputed and have a considerable reach, with donations either in monetary terms of in the form of used electrical e-waste or they could help you in promoting their campaign via their own channels and sources. If you could get a hold with organizations and companies that manufacture electronic equipment for your support, it would just be great. They would definitely have links with certain recycling organizations and plants which would help you a lot in your campaign.
  • The most important thing is the location where you would physically represent your fundraiser. You should select a centrally located venue that would be in reach of maximum people and they should have clear access to it. You should place orange cones, sign boards, banners etc. to publically demarcate your location and make it irresistible for people to notice it.
  • The most important thing before you host your fundraiser is that you have permits for the same. You need to fulfill all the legal obligations, if required, beforehand. If you are hosting a fundraiser at a public place, you should contact and confirm with the related authorities so that they are fully aware of the event and are willing to let their resources to you.

So keep in mind these above mentioned points in order to make your fundraiser a huge success and completely kink free. You are initiating and volunteering a really great cause that will help us in the long run and is preserving our environment and resources for future concerns. Hope your community drive is a huge success.

Best of luck for the campaign!

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